Miele W4842 - LOCKED - help!

mayartNovember 9, 2012


just got my new Miele W4842 today. Did a load of clothes & when it was done I couldn't open up the door. So, I pressed prewash and the display showed a lock that was locked. So I pressed & held it again & it showed an unlocked lock. Then I was able to open the door.

So, I just did a load of towels. The door was locked at the end of the cycle again. So I did the same thing I did last time with the child lock (pressing prewash & holding) - but this time the door won't unlock.

Can anyone help??


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OK, it opened up the last time I went thru the hold prewash 2x routine. Hopefully, it will open when the next wash is done.

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We have the W4842. I had to learn to be patient, because with the old top-loader I could open the door any time.

The W4842 door generally does unlock as soon as a cycle is completed. At times, it seems to take 60 seconds or more. It makes an audible noise when it unlocks.

In the owner's manual, there is a page with instructions in there on how to open the door manually, if it truly refuses to open after five minutes.

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Typo alert --- meant to say The W4842 door generally does not unlock as soon as a cycle is completed

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If you are using the "Buzzer" to alert you that the program is complete it will at the end of the program. However, the electromagnetic door latch only releases after the tachogenerator reads the RPMs of the drum have ceased. What slows this release is when articles of clothing, and especially towels, dislodge from the drum and cause a shift in the drum--this causes the tachogenerator to delay the latch release as it senses the drum is still revolving. In other words, the program ending is different from the drum revolving. It would have been much better had Miele simply allowed the buzzer to alert upon latch release versus program ending.

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Yes, as you've been told...Be Patient! I am on my 3rd set of W48xx Miele washers and dryers since their introduction to the USA market (hated first set, sold 2nd set & then missed them like crazy and now back to Miele). There are times, after a cycle is completed that it takes a while for the door to unlock. I've found it best TO NOT got an start pushing and holding buttons :) It always unlocks, but when you are standing there watching it, pulling on the door to unlock, 10-30 seconds seems like an eternity!! Patience is a virtue!!

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Hi Mayart
Aside from reviewing the child-lock settings, please check that the hot and cold hoses are not reversed. The door will not open if the drum is still turning, and it will not open if the temp in the drum is too high. This should never happen with a cold-water rinse unless the hoses are reversed.

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Thanks everybody!
I think the problem was that it was too hot in the drum because...the hoses were reversed. (Only because that's the way the plumber set the pipes up for some reason & I had forgotten that. I remembered when a cold wash was steaming hot.) I am enjoying doing laundry once again!!

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