Kitchen hanging lights advice needed (with photos)

ebeanOctober 21, 2010

our 1925 brooklyn kitchen (newly gutted and almost finished) has 6 recessed lights and needs two hanging lights - 9' ceilings - and we are going to hang them pretty high ...a cross between a semi-flush and a short pendant.

my husband says that he wants a nice fixture that doesn't look too 'solid'...we thought we were going with the basic schoolhouse pendant but he thinks it's too opaque and very white. (the color bands that some come in are beautiful but do not go with our antique (as in distressed antique venetian tiles). i found this schoolhouse like 'prismatic glass' pendant from restoration hardware. i guess i'm looking for some opinions.

From Kitchen Reno

i hope you can get a sense...i'll also add a link to the kitchen reno album so you can see the plans.

From Kitchen Reno

here you see 4 of the 6 recessed lights and the space for one of the pendants

From Kitchen Reno

and for this one i tried to get a view of looking from the dining room doorway into the kitchen. (but looking up at the lighting)

From Kitchen Reno

and below is a link to the whole reno.

Here is a link that might be useful: our kitchen reno

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The one you're showing looks nice. I like the Pendant Light options here also.

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Just saw this posting. what a coincidence. We've pretty much decided on this very same fixture as it has the schoolhouse shape but the faceted glass gives it a more modern least to us. We plan on hanging one over a peninsula (9 Inch) and another (11 inch) over a small table in the kitchen. I thin you made a great choice.

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Great choice! I have 9' ceilings and 2 Wellesley pendants from RH (discontinued) in a similar placement to yours and they look great. As you probably know, they are on sale right now. :)

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FWIW, I ADORE these lights!

I've been looking at them admiringly for weeks but they're too large for the area I want to use them. I've tried googling "prismatic" and looking at images just to see if I can find something smaller. If I could use them, I definitely would.

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