Bosch Vision 800--very bad experience

camargoNovember 4, 2010

Got some good advice from this forum, so just thought I'd share our experience with a brand new Bosch Vision 800 washer. We also bought a Bosch Vision 500 gas dryer.

The washer washes beautifully. Unfortunately, the "aquastop" feature, designed to prevent leaks, is defective. In a month since it has been installed, we've had just several days of normal operations. The machine regularly indicates there is a leak and shuts itself down. There is no leak present. Bosch has been out to fix it, but the problem recurs. Unfortunately, our installation is a stacked installation, which means even scheduling service is an ordeal with Bosch, as they have to schedule two repair people to accomodate, which takes days, it seems.

No idea if this is a common problem, but it is our experience. We have Bosch ovens and a Bosch dishwasher in addition to the laundry units, but this experience has soured us on the brand. Really a shame, as the few loads we've been able to do have emerged very clean and the dryer works wonderfully.

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I read this somewhere ...

"As far as repairs, most brands fall under 5% failure rate within the first couple years. Bosch certainly meets and beats this mark."

Is it possible you got a lemon? I can see how a bad experience could turn you off though. Too bad ... I've read good things about these machines.

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A month old and you've only had a couple of days of normal operation? Sounds like a lemon to me. I'd be making a case to have it replaced with a new machine.

I can't speak about the 800 model. We have a new set of Vision 500s - both working flawlessly so we're very pleased with our Bosch least so far.

Good luck!

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Yes, it's clearly a lemon. After dealing directly with Bosch on this with no resolution, we are going to try the appliance store where we bought it--let's see if Yale Appliance in Dorchester, MA can fix this.

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Update that is, hopefully, of some value to anyone evaluating the Bosch Visions.

So, the retailer (Yale Appliance) would not come out and take a look unless a plumber disconnected the dryer, since this is a stacked installation with a gas dryer.

So, first note of caution--at least for those in Massachusetts (don't know if other states are similar)--if service requires unstacking the units, requiring disconnecting the gas dryer, at least some service companies will not do it. This argues against stacking the units when a gas dryer is involved.

Fortunately, Bosch was willing to come out and fix the washer without a plumber coming first. The "aquastop" feature in the Vision washers is a float switch that sits in the base of the washer, and interrupts all operations when it is activated by rising water, indicating a water leak. Once this feature activates, the washer is unusable until reset by a technician.

Seems like a good idea, but the tolerance is very tight--about 1/8 to 1/4 inch triggers it. It seemed to the technician that the vibrations of normal operations could trigger it.

He did acknowledge that he'd not seen this problems before (had never actually seen the aquastop switch), so he proceeded under the assumption that the switch was defective. The washer is now working again, but let's hope the problem does not recur. Some points that may be of interest--

1. I wonder if this "aquastop" feature is really thoroughly tested. Are leaks common enough to warrant this seemingly buggy functionality?
2. A stacked installation looked great from a space point of view--allowed us to add a sink to a small laundry room. However, when combined wit a gas dryer, it may be more of a headache than it is worth. Every service call requires two technicians (due to the weight) and, at least in MA, some repair shops won't disconnect or reconnect a gas dryer. You can either do it yourself as a homeowner, or pay and schedule a plumber.

Hope this is of interest.

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