Electrical diagram comments, please (xpost with home building)

alabamanicoleOctober 9, 2009

Any thoughts on the electrical diagram below, particularly in respect to lighting placement? I don't know if I did it right. I plan to use double and triple switch boxes, so when you see a single switch controlling what looks like multiple circuits, that's a switch box with multiple switches.

At this time, I am not including any dimmer switches. Since incandescents are legally on their way out it seems silly to plan a lighting design around them. I don't like LEDs at this point and compact florescent look lousy dimmed (for now, everything is on/off. Alas.

First floor:

Second floor:


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Just taking a quick look...

1. The second floor bath might need more light especially with the toilet in that little nook. Unless the Solatube also has a light in it for night use.

2. I would add a couple more fluorescent fixtures in the garage. Always nice to have a lot of light especially in the garage if used as a workshop or someone works on cars.

3. Seems unusual to not have any light switches in the mudroom. So conceivably two kids could hold the doors closed and trap their little brother in a dark room.

4. If you're into holiday decorating, you might add some switched outlets under your eaves for lights instead of using extension cords.

All I have for now.

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Thanks, bignick. I got a lot of other great comments on the Build a Home forum.

1) I think it will be okay -- that's a short wall, not a full height wall next to the toilet.

2) Yes, I did already. With the number of finish items I expect toi DIY later, I decided I needed a well lit garage!

3) It IS odd. I have no worries about the kids (and there's a window in there anyway), but it did seem odd not to be able to turn on the room light from the room itself. So I moved the switch in the garage to the inside.

4) Not my thing, but I have added a lot more outlets outside overall.

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