my use of led lights

zinnahOctober 1, 2007

I have had an interest in led lights for all the right reasons and I am acutely aware of their limitations. I have found an effective use for them. In the course of our remodel we installed new house numbers and fire codes required they be illuminated, but the standard lighted house number boxes were butt ugly. I had custom numbers made in the style of my choice and illuminated them from a basic low voltage exterior system that I will leave on all the time or set the timer for 12 hours so seasonable adjustments are not required. I used a 1 watt mr16 lamp in a standard exterior fixture and it provides plenty of light at 15-20 feet from the numbers. I also purchased a 3 watt led mr16 which is actually bright enough to illuminate a large area. For safety and security I will be able illuminate my entire front yard and walkway for 10 watts max. You cannot read by these lights, but I do not want it lit like a car lot. About $20 for 1 watt and $30 for 3 watts. Supposedly a 50,000 hour life too.

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Got a link to these led light bulbs ?

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