Fisher Paykel sprays water

tobyfanNovember 27, 2012

My FP Intuitive Eco has started spraying water towards the front of my machine during the spin cycles. We have noticed that the inner tub does not seal sufficiently during the spin cycle, so that some of the water that is being spun from the clothes is going back into the tub.

It does not appear to be throwing a fault code.

Any suggestions?


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There is no mechanism that seals the tub during spin, or any other time.

My suggestion is that the diverter valve is not fully shifting to drain mode. Possibly lint or debris or a stray object such as a dime is obstructing the valve. A little of the water extracted from the clothes is flowing up through the recirculation port at top of the tub (instead of all of it to the drain hose). The recirculation trickle is hitting the rim of the basket spinning at high speed and spraying around inside, leaking out from the seam between the cabinet and top deck.

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Whew! Glad someone knows what's going on here! Thank you!!

How do I check the diverted valve to see if there's a blockage? We cleaned everything we least I think we did. But the water continues to spray.

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The diverter is mounted under the tub, near the pump. Triangular-looking device, inside a protective plastic wrap, with three hoses (pump, recirculation, drain), and a couple wires. Pull the hoses and wires off, dismount the diverter and look into the three ports to check for anything that obviously shouldn't be there. "Neutral" (non-energized) mode is drain.

It can be tested in Diagnostic Mode.

With power Off, press and hold Lifecycle, then press Power at the same time. Release the buttons when the display comes on.

Press Lifecycle again if the display is blank.

Press Option up or down button repeatedly until the Machine Status screen is on the display. It should say Diverter:Off on the upper left line.

Press Home to turn the diverter on. Display should say Diverter:Heating, and the Handwash light is on.

Press How Dirty? down button to run some cold water in, enough to see it coming up on the agitator base. (How Dirty? up runs hot water.)

The diverter should be shifted to recirculation mode by the time enough water has run in. Display should say Diverter:On ... if not, wait a little longer.

Press Fabric Care to run the pump (Creasables light is on). Water should shower into the tub from the recirculation port and NONE out the drain hose.

Press Fabric Care to turn off the pump, and Home to turn off the diverter. Display should say Diverter:Cooling.

After a couple mins, the display should change to Diverter:Off.

Press Fabric Care to run the pump again. Water should flow out the drain hose, and NONE from the recirculation port, not even a slight trickle.

If in either case water flows where it shouldn't, the diverter isn't properly shifting modes.

Press Power to exit Diagnostics.

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I don't know where you learned all this, but you are a treasure! Thank you!! A small hairpin was clogging the diverter.

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dadoes is a very helpful, long-time member here, is definitely the foremost authority on Fisher & Paykel products in this forum. Reading some of his posts are what leaned me toward buying my F&P set six years ago.

That reminds me, I had meant to post a Q to dadoes that is not really a problem, but more a thought. In the six years I've had my set it's been fabulous, with only one tiny weakness I've some across so far (no other issues at all on mine). It's related to the self-scraping lint screen, which I LOVE and would never change (no more sneezing when I dump the lint).

However, mine always seems to tear the screen every 2 or so years, so I see a huge increase in the lint blowing out of my house when running the dryer. It's probably due to something getting caught up there, but with two kids it's hard to avoid that.

To date replacing this screen has all fallen under warranty, and so has not cost me anything, but that warranty is about to run out soon. I've priced the replacement part at around $70 (online), which seems steep for a plastic ring and some mesh screen.

My wonder is if it's possible to "re-screen" an existing ring; buy this mesh somewhere, cut to size and glue on (it appears to be glued).

Have you ever thought of this or considered trying it?

Just thinkin....

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I've replaced my dryer lint screen once in 8 years. It had a couple small tears that probably weren't bad enough to call for replacement. Haven't checked it in a while but haven't noticed excessive lint at the exhaust hood.

The part is more expensive than seems reasonable but that's the case for many appliance parts of all brands.

It may be heat bonded, not glued. Replacing the mesh might be something to try, if tolerances can be maintained. There's supposed to be only 1/8" clearance between the rotating screen and the scraper. Or perhaps devise a way to seal a couple small tears, which shouldn't have any effect on filtering.

Can't say whether I'd try it, depends on the circumstances.

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That was another thought I had on the subject: bonding the tears instead, to get more life out of said screen.

I'd have to research what type of glue/sealant/epoxy would stand up to the environment (higher temps), and would not pass through the mesh, which would undoubtedly interfere with the scraper, but it might be something worth looking in to.


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