Help PLEASE with lighting craft/sewing area (pic)

athomesewingOctober 15, 2011

I have track rails, as pictured, originally with halogen which caused two problems: heat and glare. I changed over to CFL floods which solved the heat situation however the larger and longer bulbs hang even lower which seems to cause even MORE eye strain.

I can somewhat see the face of the bulbs at top of my line of sight. If I'm looking downward it's not bad, but looking forward or slightly upward these lights are a headache creator. I'd rather not wear a baseball hat while working. ):

I don't want to drill the ceiling full of holes for recessed cans since this won't be a sewing room forever.

Any ideas? Would a fluorescent long-tube fixture be any better?

Thank you for any suggestions.

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Would a lower wattage CFL bulb work? So long as the wattage was sufficient for you to do your work properly, the lower wattage (non-flood) bulb probably won't stick out as much, or even at all and this might eliminate your eye strain as well. Great looking room, by the way!

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I put in 15 watt CFL R30s, and using three provides okay, but not great light at the work surface. They hang down lower than the halogens in the pic. I was planning to order full-spectrum cfl bulbs if these worked out, but I'm not so sure now. At this point, I don't really care what the fixture looks like, I just want to work in great light that doesn't bring the room to 90 degrees or glare into my eyes.

Thanks on the room compliment! (:

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maybe a halogen PAR reflector bulb with a narrower beam spread (spot instead of flood) if you aim them carefully, although it may yield an unevenly lit room. I have a few Cree CR6 (a.k.a. Ecosmart ECO-575L if you're at Home Depot) modules in a similar setup as yours, which are intended to be used for recessed lighting in ceilings but I've found work great in track lights and such as well because the built-in trim kit bezel helps shield the light and they wind up looking like this:

For $10 you can add one of three colors of anodyzed trim pieces for the baffle if you don't like white, like the bronze one here, to further reduce glare:

(I suppose you can chop off the three rotating tabs that are intended to hold the module in place when placed in a generic 6" diameter recessed can if you find their appearance distracting).

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oh forgot to mention these are all of 10 1/2 watts each although their about as bright as a 65 watt incandescent bulb or most CFL reflectors, and render colors nicely.

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