Miele w1986 (or similar) Tachometer/Brush assembly replacement

ochoadaNovember 21, 2012

Hi everyone,

My Miele has thrown a F4 code which is a problem with the Motor Tachometer. I think I'm 95% of the way there but can't seem to figure how to remove the Tachometer and brush assembly. I have enclosed links to a couple of pictures of where I am at. The first is a frontal view of the plastic Tach assembly, the second as a mirror shot of the brush assembly. Hoping someone out there has done this before and can give me a hint. I am thinking that I need to remove the brushes before I can remove the Tachometer (plastic assembly)



here is a link to a picture of the replacement brush set (I believe)


Thanks for any help!

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You can order a copy of the Miele w 1918 or similar service manual from the link below.

Not much changed from the 19XX models to the 11XX or 12XX series so any repair manual will suffice.

Basically you open up the front of the washer, remove the motor as directed, then swap out the brushes/plastic assembly, reverse to put things back.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Service Manuals

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