led ucl w/ no transformer

dndsmomOctober 26, 2010

I have been reading as much as I can about LED ucls and think I know how they work, but am still a bit confused. I get the whole wire > transformer > light connection thing, but what I am wondering is if it is possible to buy an LED light that has the transformer built in, so you can direct wire it?

We are doing most of the work on our kitchen reno, but hired an electrician to replace all the wiring (it was alum and we wanted copper). Anyway, he talked us into ucls and hardwired for them (2 runs - well 1 plus an extra light) on a non dimming switch. We initially thought we would put in Xenon, but are now considering LEDs. Is it possible to make the switch now? The wires are sitting under the cabinet, waiting for a light. Should we just get Xenons? or does a product that I am describing exist?

Thank you!

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Yes. For example Kichler direct wire led undercabinet OR Good Earth lighting G0018P-LED-I.

There are probably more examples.

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The description of the Good Earth UCL LED you listed says it is a plug-in. Does it have a detachable power cord and punch out for direct wire? Thank you.

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Good for you doing most of your own renovation. When it comes to lighting and plumbing though, thats when I usually pull in an expert. I bet the specialists at your local hardware store would be able to answer your questions. Make sure to ask two different places though to make sure they are not just trying to sell you something else. Good luck!

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Here is another one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phillips eW Profile

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