Under Cabinet Lighting - Xenon Color Temps

jdavis37October 18, 2010

This forum has been helpful for every kitchen remodel question I have had thus far and now the final frontier! Lighting :) I am leaning toward the 3500K Cree recessed lights for the overhead ( spousal unit prefers a GE Reveal type color for lights ).

I was going to try LED under cabinet lighting but costs are driving me back to Xenon. Does anyone make a Xenon bulb in the 3500K range of color? I really want to avoid the "warm" look or anything too yellowish ( too lbue is also not good ). Dimmable is not really a requirement as long as they have a hi/lo switch.

Thanks in advance for the help! John

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If you don't care about dimming and want 3500 Kelvin at a lower cost than LED then consider fluorescent fixtures.

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Thx... CFL'sdo offer some advantages though ahving alow/hi level switch doesn't seem to be one of them. We aren't going to use an actual dimmer switch though but having 2 levels might be nice ( never know as it may turn into usin gmostly 1 level , on that time will tell ). Our electrician seems to prefer Xenon and we'll probably head that direction though I'm trying to find out what color temperature the Juno Xenons are. Thx for the CFL suggestion. Is appreciated :)

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couldnt you just put a bluish film over the lights?

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