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aiallegaOctober 26, 2009

I'm not sure this is the right forum for this but--How do you hang a bracket from a lamp post for an address plaque? We have an iron pole that has two screw holes about 6 in. apart where the PO had one. The pole is hollow, right? So how would I put screws in? Is there any kind of black clamp that you can attach a bracket to the pole that won't look too bad? This shouldn't be so hard.

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You need to have sheet metal screws that are matched to the size of the holes in the post, and you need holes in the bracket that have the same hole spacing as the holes in the post. In selecting screws, the outside thread diameter should be just a tiny bit larger than the diameter of the holes in the post. If the threads are the same size as the hole or just a hair larger, then they won't grip very well, and if they are a little too large, then they will get stuck and you won't be able to drive them all the way in. So this is sort of like Goldlocks and the Three Bears: the screw should be just the right size. Also, the holes in the bracket should be larger than the holes in the post so the screws can slip easily throught trhe holes in the bracket. Otherwise, things will bind when you try to screw things together. It would be good to use stainless steel screws, as these will not rust.

Or you could use bolts, but for that you need a tap and die set to thread the holes in the post.

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One other thought... It's possible that the holes in the post are already threaded. Have you looked at them closeup to determine whether they are or not? If they are, you need to use machine screws (i.e., bolts) rather than sheet metal screws, and you need to pick ones with the correct diameter and thread pitch. (I'll only go into that if you report back that this is your situation.)

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Kudzu, thanks for the great info! I will check to see if the holes are threaded.

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Glad that it made some sense. Re-post if you need a little more guidance. Oh, and it wasn't a dumb question. I've only learned by making all kinds of mistakes on stuff like this over the years!

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