Xenon vs. Fluorescent above cabinet lighting

renozoneOctober 15, 2009

We are currently looking at installing our over and under-cabinet lighting and I need some input.

DH wants xenon 12v overcabinet for 'ambient' light (something like alico's 12v ZeeLight or Kichler's directwire) and then fluorescents under-cabinet to light the countertops and provide more 'funtional' task light.

I say opposite should be the case- I would like to highlight the 12ft ceilings abover the cabinet with a bright overcabinet light, and keep the undercabinet low voltage and more "ambient". In my opinion, there is plenty of light from other sources (large window, over sink task lighting, central fixture, 2 pendants over pennisula) to keep the countertop worksurfaces suitably lit.

I can be convinced otherwise- if someone can let me know how much the xenons will cast. My concern is they will just

'glow' and not highlight the ceiling enough. Also, I fear the fluorescents will be too harsh and white under the cabinets, making our beautiful (and expensive!) granite and glass tile look bad.

Any opinions/advice welcomed whole heartedly!!

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Go with fluorescent for the up-lighting.

Xenon is more likely to "scallop" if it is used for up-lighting. If xenon is chosen for up-lighting, I would recommend a frosted lens, but at that point, you might as well just go with fluorescent.

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I have installed flourescents both under my cabinets and above,with really excellent results.
The above cabinet units are the regular T8 strips mounted at the back of the cabinets, and the undercounter units are like the Kichler units, but are ajustable to minimize the reflection on the counter.They also were better that having the reflection of the many Xenon lamps needed to do the same job
We put the upper units in as an afterthought, but they have become our first-light source, and make a great night light.
The undercounter units certainly didn't detract from our tile back splash.
In both cases I used lamps that were 3500k with an 85 CRI

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