Kichler UCLs -- You Guys Are So Smart

fran123October 30, 2012

Help--feeling so dense and so lost in most of this discussion about LED UCLs. Have waded through all the posts more than once and have managed only a limited grasp of basic concepts. I am presently hung up on in-wall direct wire vs transformers etc. I have an electrician who has made a bid that will cover all LED wiring, so cost or convenience of in-wall wiring is not an issue. However, because there is such a price differential between the the various options, the electrician is looking to me to pick a 'system.' The electrician will start doing his stuff in 2 days. Since every part of my kitchen remodel has run over budget, I am trying to avoid spending $1500+ on LED fixtures.

I was looking at the Kichler LED Design Pro setup , which would take some of the guesswork out of figuring out how to proceed , but have questions about their "fully dimmable" vs. "fixed dimming--on low, medium, and high). The fixed dimmable modules are half the cost of the fully dimmable. Is that a big deal? Does anyone have the low-medium-high dimming Kichlers?

Many thanks to you all for all the Q&A you have shared on the topic of UCLs....Haven't caught up to you but do appreciate the complexity much more now than previously. ;->)

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The max lite or powercore profile Ucl may be more cost effective.

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Davidtay, I also lack understanding. But, yesterday I saw the MaxLite Plug-and-Play Dimmable Under Cabinet Light Bar with Diffuser, 33 LEDs, 12 inch Warm White. I think this may work for me, but I am still unsure.

It seems that you would purchase a 6" and a 12" bar to place under an 18" cabinet or 3- 12" bars to place under a 36" cabinet. I didn't see where they carried larger than 12" bars. They are also hooked up directly to the house current? They do not need a transformer- is it built in? Do they still draw a low current?

I really would like to understand. I apologize if my questions are either not logical or seem very basic.

Thanks, Joan

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All direct wire lights - eW profile, uniLume, maxLite, ... will be directly connected to the 120V AC supply (house supply).

The current draw depends on the total length of light bars installed in series.

You need to measure the underside of the cabinets first. The lights may need to be staggered as an 18" cabinet may not have sufficient clearance for a 18" light bar series (ie - bars connected end to end).

The UCL continuation thread has more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED UCL continuation

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I highly recommend the philips eW profile powercore LED bars.

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