Better to light room with two 300W or three 150W fixtures?

artemis78October 27, 2010

We have two options for general lighting for our kitchen, and I'm not sure which is better.

Option A:

2 ceiling mount fixtures with 3 sockets each, 100W/socket (600W total), spaced evenly across length of room; 16" shade

Option B:

3 ceiling mount fixtures with 1 socket each, 150W (450W total), spaced evenly across length of room; 10"-14" shade (flexible)

The room is 18' x 13' with 9' ceilings and will have some additional task lighting over counters and eating area, but we want the ceiling lights to provide overall general lighting. These will be CFL bulbs in equivalent wattages as we're in California. Is one of these configurations going to be a better solution than the other to provide ample light and avoid shadows? Is 300W too much for a single fixture to be providing, or is there a benefit to having multiple sockets in a single fixture? Can't seem to find much info on this...


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I think that three will tend to even out the light somewhat more than two.

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