Have you gotten them to try anything New

azzaleaFebruary 1, 2013


I've been married 40 years. My DH has always been pretty much anti-bean. He'll eat green beans, but don't give him baked beans, limas, or any other kind of bean.

But... We go to q'doba and Moe's now and then, and he's started eating the black beans there. And I've slipped some beans into my Cornbread BBQ bake--and he's liked it.

So we got a ham last week (who could resist .85/pound?). I usually make either pea or bean soup if I have a ham bone. So went with bean this time. Somehow, I talked him into giving it a try--and he LIKED it!

Quite an achievement for a 60 something guy!

Have you gotten your gang to learn to like anything new lately? How did you do it?

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Nothing new lately, he's willing to eat anything I make, whether it's a first-time recipe, or a tried and true.

I remember when I first made brussels sprouts for him. Of course, he hated them as a kid as they were boiled to death, and refused to eat them at all as an adult.

Brussels sprouts is one of his favourite veggies now.
(hmmm, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, onions....all our favourites. We must be a gas!)LOL

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Azzalea....did the same thing a couple of weeks ago with my DH. Had leftover ham bone from New Year's day, and made a navy bean soup with it - haven't made it in decades.

He also liked it - not bad for a DH in 70's.

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My DH dislikes my cooking. No matter what I make, he has a complaint. Too cold, no flavor,etc. I tell him "That's okay. I'm not offended. The dog will eat it." Then I walk away.

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We have some deer meat, roast, steak. I'm going to try to camoflage it in stew or something. DH says he won't eat it, our son and I like it. Picky old fart, lol.

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Lucky for me, my hubby likes most everything. So easy to cook for. And yes, he loves all kinds of beans.

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Harry will eat just about anything, too. He's not crazy about Brussels sprouts, but will eat them, and he doesn't care for hominy or sauerkraut, which is alright by me.

Gotta say ((((Jannie)))!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Robert is pretty much up for anything. I don't believe that he has ever complained about anything Ive ever fixed him. As for trying something new....he's recently turned into a Nutri Bullet fan(atic) along with me. He's going to try tofu in one tomorrow....THAT'S amazing, for him!

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Oh Jannie, that's awful!!!

My ex-husband would come up beside me and say "Ida done it that way, or I wouldn't put that spice in there, etc"

He did that 3 times and I told him he could do the cooking from then on, and he DID! For 10 years.

What a joy having a SO who loves everything I make!

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I'd never eaten brussels sprouts in my life (when I was growing up, my mom thought vegetables grew in cans).
But the "Barefoot Contessa" recipe might work for Harry!

What I've learned is that nearly every vegetable tastes better put under the broiler for a few minutes (first mixed with a little olive oil and salt and pepper). It's the carmelizing, I believe.

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Jannie - that is sad. I would've cooked maybe twice for him!
I'm another lucky one that has a dh that eats anything I make and doesn't complain about a thing. The only thing I can think of that he doesn't like is cilantro. Otherwise he is just as happy with a grilled cheese as he is with a steak. :)

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My hubby hates Cilantro too... disappointing cause I really like it!

He likes most everything else and rarely complains. My problem with him is that if he eats a large lunch at work he'll want to skip dinner. So occasionally I'll fix a large meal and he'll barely touch it.

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Even before my ex-husband and I were married, when we were living together, he threw a hissy fit once when I forgot to put his clothes in the dryer in time for them to be dry for him to wear to work that night (he had plenty of other clothes to wear to work). I said well obviously my laundry performance isn't up to your standards and I NEVER did his laundry again. I did my own and I did the kids but from that point on I never did any laundry for him again. We were married for 10 years.

He never complained about my cooking or my cleaning or, well, let's just say from that point on he never complained about my performance of any task that he didn't want to have to do himself from that point on.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

My husband has liked every thing I have made for him and cleaned his plate, even things I tried that I was not fond of and complained about my self he ate and said he liked it. Now I know he may have just been being nice in those situations lol but he likes pretty much everything.

We just started on this smoothie regimen and he was very apprehensive about it but he has taken to it pretty well, only one thing he told me not to add to his any more that was oats or granola he does not like anything crunchy in his.

He could eat just beans and be perfectly happy. He will on occasion go open a can of beans from the pantry and eat them right out of the can with a spoon. Which just kills me! I say here let me go put them in a bowl and heat them, nope this is fine.
He is especially happy if I make a big ole pot of beans and well pretty much anything as long it is a big pot of beans.

We both love Brussels sprouts any which way, I buy the ones in the steam in bag often that is just so convenient.

I do not eat greens of any sort, he does like certain greens, so I tried once to cook some for him. He tried to choke down a serving then I took it from him and told him I would not let him eat them they were going in the trash, he willingly gave me his plate lol I have not attempted that again he can eat them at a restaurant!

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Well, I love Brussels Sprouts, myself--but that's something I don't expect to ever get my husband to try.

Juillie--don't be too upset with your husband about that cilantro thing. I've heard it's a chemical thing. Some people love it, to others it tastes like soap and they can't eat it--and can't do anything about it.

Paula--oh, the memories. DH complained about the fact that I 'shrank' his jeans (you know how they tighten up in the dryer, then relax as you wear them?), early in our marriage. Yep, he's done his own ever since.

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I don't enjoy cilantro either - maybe it's an acquired taste?

My hubby appreciates my cooking, except on occasion when less information is better! I found this out when I once made a green tomato pie. Normally picky eater young DS really enjoyed a piece so I mentioned what was in the pie. When DH heard, he refused to eat it!

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lol-I laugh when I think about what I pulled on SO Christmas past

He loves baked loaves-date nut,banana,pork&bean-any of them,but NOT pumpkin-why not?
He has no idea or explanation why,just not

So,I did a couple of pumpkin loaves-didnt put all of that pumpkin down to just sit there ;) -and lo and behold,he ate them-ALL of them-AND asked when I would be making more "zucchini"loaf-lolol-Thats what he was told he was eating-ahhh-simple-mind over matter ;)

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My husband is very hard to cook for, nothing with mayo or Miracle Whip in it, no cabbage or Brussels sprouts, no dried beans of any kind, will eat some in chili, eats baked beans, won't eat a baked sweet potato but will eat candied ones, doesn't really like steak, does like chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes, likes sweets. Would rather have McDonald's instead of a home cooked meal. I fixed chili soup for our supper, I had to call and see if he would eat it for supper. He said yes, but he may or may not eat it. I never know what time to expect him so I just have it ready.


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Jody will eat anything and he always tells me how good everything is. He was raised by an aunt and at least in that way, she trained him well.

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I wonder how people get such aversions to food; especially ones they haven't even tried. I love trying new foods; and would say "aboslutely not" to very few things.

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