Ecosmart replacement cans don't lie flat against ceiling

lgb25October 22, 2011

We've starting installing Home Depot EcoSmart LED one-piece replacement can lights today. They don't lie flat against the ceiling - one side or the other is always hanging down a little. (Husband thinks I'm obsessive, but they don't look nice to me). Tried some double-stick tape inside the rim, but it hasn't helped.

Any ideas??


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yes follow steps 1, 7, & 8 in the installation guidehref> re: clips. Don't have the clips extended and then push the module up to the ceiling, because one side will hang. Leave the clips in ready position, push to the ceiling, and whilst pushing upwards do the 1/4 clockwise turn. Then let go and your light won't hang.

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You may also need to adjust the socket depth in the original can.

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I have found this issue as well. Some of the trims appear to be slightly warped.

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