Bathroom vanity lighting - low ceilings

sjhockeyfan325October 18, 2013

We have two small bathrooms, neither of which has any overhead lighting except one light above the shower/tub. We can add wall lighting or ceiling lighting but not recessed (which I don't like anyway).

We have two vanities. In one bathroom the vanity is 48" in a 55" long space (walls on the two sides). There will be one horizontal mirror above the vanity, about 37" long. The room is overall about 7' wide x 10' long, and the vanity is closest to the door on one of the long walls.

In the other, the vanity is 60" long and will have two sinks. The room is 6' x 10'. The vanity is on one of the long walls and abuts the short wall. We can do either one mirror or two over this vanity.

In the past we've always had lights above the mirrors and the lighting was terrible.

Would it be adequate to put one up or down sconce on either side of the mirror over the 48" vanity, and maybe do the same with the 60" vanity, but with a 3rd sconce in between the two mirrors?

Is uplight or downlight better task lighting?

LED, incandescent, halogen? (definitely not fluorescent).

# of lumens?

Oh, I forgot to mention the ceilings in both bathrooms are not quite 7' (they are "code" because this is a live-work condo).


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