Is eclectic lighting style okay?

CurlyElleOctober 23, 2011

I just purchased a home built in the late 1950s. My style is pretty traditional and classic, which a touch of transitional, arts-and-crafts, and mission.

However, I'm finding myself being completely scattered when it comes to lighting choices.

I like mason jars with lightbulbs in them. I like mission pendants. I like sparkly chandeleirs.

How bad of an idea is it to mix and match lighting styles throughout a house? We'll be there for a while, but I'm keeping resale in mind.

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imo, I would use the style(s) that best match my needs/ fancies/ whims and enjoy the home.

Before selling, I would consult with a trusted realtor (or 2) and make the minimal changes necessary.

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You should design your house the way that you like because you are living there. Having more than one lighting style in various rooms is fine and actually makes a lot of sense IF the remaining furnishings in that room also go with it. For example I would not mix late 1950's modern monofilament lighting with arts and crafts furniture. Crystal chandeliers are pretty versatile and go with about any style furniture except the starkly modern.

You may want to engage the services of an interior decorator if you find it hard to stay with a theme in one room.

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