I'm Hating My LED Recessed Lights

LaurieOctober 11, 2010

My electrician installed the LED's into my recessed lights the other day. I absolutely hate them.

They are literally burning my eyes. I can't seem to get used to how bright they are.

Don't get me wrong. They light the room beautifully but, everytime my eyes drift upwards (and they do periodically) it is brighter than I can bear.

I remember having a discussion with him early on, about what type of cans, reflectors, to use. I specifically mentioned several of the ones which come up on this board and he said that for various reasons they were not needed in my application and that what he'd be using would work out well for me.

So much for trusting someone to know what they were doing :p

So, here I am with white cans, white reflectors, very nice looking mind you but I feel like I'm looking at the sun every time I turn them on. He didn't put in the dimmers yet, and I'm hoping this will help, but if not I have a very serious problem. I can't cook with blue spots floating in front of my eyes!

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Are they Halo cans?

Dimming is one option.
There might be some sort of accessory you can stick in front, but I don't know how likely that is.

I don't know how changing the reflector will affect things since the light is so glaring.

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your problem is not the level of light from the LED recessed lights, but rather the usef the white baffles that have been installed.
The introduction of the white baffle has destroyed more lighting designs that you can count.
Your eye is drawn to the "glare" created by the white baffle.
Replace the trims will clear alzak or haze trims and you'll be amazed with the difference

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If they are Halo, some of the trims now offer a diffuser to help with the pinpoint source of light that blinds us. The LED array in a Halo is a bit larger than a postage stamp and too intense, even in peripheral vision.

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