It's Sunday - How Ya Doin?

jannieFebruary 10, 2013

Today I woke up early , as usual, walked to my local diner for coffee, got pet food, then walked home. My next door neighbor, the retired fireman, had cleaned my driveway yesterday. So now I'm warming the car to clean it off from the thirty inches of snow that fell Friday. Both my daughters are staying at their boyfriends. One has a tree down in front of his house and the other is okay but their streets haven't been plowed. So they're safe but stuck in. Meaning I'm on my own today. I have plenty of food, DH still sleeping. So I'll get that car cleared off, watch some TV, maybe make some soup.

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Our snow is just starting; not nearly as much as yours, but a possible 14 inches. Sounds like your plan for the day is a good one.

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Kids came and got mom all shoveled out yesterday.My word there is a ton of snow out there. Going to attempt to make a nice loaf of french bread, I use the term "nice" loosely.
Just recieved a new iphone 4 ,havent a clue as how to use it. etc. will be waiting for "techie" son to come over and teach me how. That will be a challenge. I can almost guarantee it.
Sun is shinning today, some of htis 2 feet of snow will be melting hopefully and we start " the same old , same old" tomorrow. Enjoy your day people.

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I woke up early too...6:30. Had breakfast and just having coffee. Started working on an afghan but decided to come online for a while. It's a dreary day here...just misting outside. Nothing much to do today. Too cold in my art room to housework to I will probably just knit most of the day.

your resident DJ

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I just finished fixing a pancake breakfast with fresh grapefruit juice to drink. I will be leaving for church in short time. It is cloudy and rain is moving in for awhile. No snow here and it is in the mid 30's.

Sue in Central Indiana

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Very quiet here this m0rning. Read the papers and did the puzzles, br0wsed the ads. Making a gr0cery list f0r later. Waiting f0r Harry t0 wake fr0m his nap s0 I can sh0wer. 68 degrees and a little 0vercast at the present time.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

patti are you having a problem with your Letter o and having to use your number 0 instead?

Today it is very cloudy and drizzly and gloomy but I am very thankful it is NOT snow!
Temp is in the 58 degree range for now.
North Houston

I will be making some chili later in my Aroma cooker for dinner.

I bought new pots for all of my orchids so I will be doing some moving and repotting of those and also my African Violets.
Clean up the kitchen which really needs it. I hope to clear out the pantry of old out dated stuff and try to make room for the new stuff.

I am good except for this morning cough I seem to have kept since I was down with the flu or whatever that was. Would be nice if it decided to leave.

I am so sorry many are being socked so badly with those storms and snow. Stay safe and warm!

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Went to church this morning without hubby. He knew that he would get called in to work (he plows roads) and sure enough, it started to sleet just as the service was ending. So, I'll be home alone today. I have some veggie lasagna in the oven which will be easy to reheat when he gets home eventually. He said he should be home in a couple of hours and then will go back out when it turns to snow. Poor guy hasn't had a weekend off since before Christmas. We haven't gotten a lot of snow but even the small stuff will send him out. My only message is be nice to the poor people out plowing roads. I've been hearing nothing but complaints around here (not the KT) about the roads and such. Makes me mad. He sometimes puts in 16 hour days just to try to keep ahead of the storms. If people would only slow down and realize that this isn't summer, it would be so much easier.

Anyway, didn't mean to hijack this post. Today, I'm going to talk to my daughter to order her baby crib (that's our gift to her). That's always fun to talk about! Oh and I plan to make some cookies. Fun day for me!

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Rain showers today and rain forecast for most of the week. Just had a thunderstorm pass over, and I came in right after lunch and skipped going to workout :o( Now it has passed, but I'm too lazy to get back out and go to the gym.

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Gorgeous here--clear, but cold.

Our snow(the 1/10th" we got) is almost gone, and we didn't have to touch it, thankfully.

Got up reg. time. Did a little cleaning. Made some heart-shaped chocolate raspberry tarts for breakfast since DD was coming down to visit. We had a lovely meal, then she used my computer to do her taxes--she doesn't have a printer, so wanted to do them here so she could print them out, of course. While she did that, I made a batch of pizzelles. Then she and I experimented with a recipe she'd found on Pinterest.

Lunch was welsh rarebit and tater tots--yes, she's grown, but still likes a 'kid' meal now and again. Then we had time to really visit this afternoon.

Well, she's left for home, and I've got dinner in the oven. Nice day.

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I am so missing my modem!!!!! Somehow, I am lost without the power to go online.

I also still have fridge issues, and had to stay home ALL day long yesterday waiting for the repair person.

First he was supposed to be here between 8 and noon, then a call informed me he was late, then another call informed me he was going to be there after 3, then I called at 4:30 to see if there was a chance that I didn't waste the WHOLE day for NOTHING.... and he finally showed up. Put a new switch in for the thermostat...which I know, will not fix anything, and was gone by 5:28.

I grabbed my laptop and headed to the library, but drat, it was already closed.

Fast forward to today. I finally put all my expenses from last July to today in to my computer, and felt like I needed a good break by noon.

Called a friend, and changed clothes, got on my bike to meet up with him.

We did a nice ride around the lake, and I stopped at Staples, and rode back home.

Grabbed my computer and back to the library.

Can't wait for that new modem to show up!!!!!


PS, check the daily picture today, for another low water pic from our drinking water source here in OKC.

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