flush mounted light for bathroom ceiling

woody_2010October 2, 2010

Any recommendations for a small neat flush mounted light for a bathroom ceiling? There will be lights at the medicine cabinet, but this will be for general room light -- everything from reading on the toilet to lighting the shower. Someone recommended an Access light with a halogen bulb, but shouldn't we be trying to use compact fluourescent bulbs?

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If you can use a CFL, go ahead, but I never plan my lighting around it. Remember there are very few dimmable CFL's out there.

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Recessed lights are a poor choice for general illumination of a room, because they are all direct light and no indirect light (indirect is the part reflected off the walls and especially the ceiling). You will get better room illumination with a conventional surface mount or pendant light.

Perhaps others have, but I have never felt the need for dimming a bathroom light.

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I like this style. If you're "reading on the toilet" you'll want at least a 2 bulb fixture above you.

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