Maytag Bravos dirty laundry

gardenandcatsNovember 25, 2011

I bought a Maytag Bravos what a piece of crap. I thought I would be saving money by using less hot water. Not the case if instead I have to buy new clothes as this crappy washer gets nothing clean! I think these low water washer are for the birds! Dirty dingy laundry. No stains come out even if pre treat them before I wash..

Hubby who hates to part with a dime agrees he said this will have to be replace with a new washer next spring. I have only owned it a 1/2 yr and just hate the way it does not clean..

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The only TL HE washer that looks like it acutally does something is the LG WaveForce.

From what I've seen on Youtube, nothing is happening with other brands of HE TL's.

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OP, I'm sorry you've had auch a bad experience. That's a real shame.

I own a Maytag Bravos, and love it. It cleans everything well. I do use Zout on greasy stains, I use true hot water (courtesy of its internal water heater) for white cottons, and I pause the washer and let really dirty/stained loads soak for a while before completing the cycle. I've always done this, regardless of washer, as my dh and ds's get their work and sports clothes so dirty and stained, but this washer cleans MUCH better than any other I've owned, yet with FAR less water.

It's also a great advantage for me that this washer washes such huge loads, I don't have to wash nearly as often as I used to.

It sounds like you got a lemon. Here's hoping your next washer gives you great results and lasts years and years.

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I also have had good luck with my Maytage Bravo. What detergent are you using? I have good luck with Tide HE. It would be a shame to replace the washer and discover that the problem was the detergent. I had a similar issue with my Miele dishwasher only to discover that the detergent was the culprit.

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My waveforce cleans, just as good as my old front loader did!

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gardenandcats---DITTO!!! HATE MINE. I told the company I was going to give them some free advertising and that's what I'm doing every chance I get.

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I soooo hated my Bravos that I put my marriage at risk and went out and bought a whole different set. I got a cheap set of GE's and I don't care what anyone thinks about it. The Bravos machine was actually making me depressed and I don't toss that word around loosely. First of all it was depressing to wait 18 years to get a new shiny WD and then have it turn out to be the much despised B-POS. I put up with it for two years and it was just ruining my clothes, sheets, sweaters even my undies. I had had enough. I drove over to Home Depot went in and bought something in about 10 mintues, had them bring it over in a couple of days and move the much hated torture machines to the basement. How could anyone like this machine? It doesn't get the clothes clean, they come out in a waded mess, I noticed that people that like them blame you if say anything wrong about them but those of us who don't like them can't be telling lies. It does not clean the clothes and they look like crap with tears and permanent wrinkles. I think the last straw was when I saw my husband wearing his normally wrinkle free enough pre Bravos days shirts and looked lake a homeless person who had been on the streets for months. I am not going to iron all of his knit shirts, not going to do it. I never ironed them before and I don't have time or the inclination to iron shirts he is going to go lie on the floor and work on an airplane in. They are like polo shirts that normally a little time in the dryer and they look great that was until the monster came into my life. That ugly hulking terrible machine that is still lurking in my basement. That thing that gets out of balance and makes a mushroom cloud of tight rocks of my sheets, that horrid noisy machine that frightens small children. That awful sounding weird thing is out of my house!!!

We went on vacation and in the condo were a cheap set of GE stackables. I bought them Sunday (unstacked) and love the heck out of them. When the man brought them in and ran the dryer for me I actually laid my head down on it and hugged it. It wasn't popping and smacking making loud noises and the motor didn't sound as loud as a riding lawn mower. I think I hated the dryer as much as the washer. Then he turned on the washing machine and it was heavenly. No airplane spooling up for take off and just the feminine little swishing sounds giggling softly in the tub, a delight to the ear. I'm in the big love! I washed all afternoon and sat on a stool and watched through the window with my elbows on my knees, chin in hands, big grin on face. : )))) Happy girl!!! Husband called and is it wrong to lie just a little bit about the cost of the new GE's? It upsets him so and really I did it to protect him. It wasn't as if I really told a big lie, I just told him the price of one of the pair and if he thought that was for both well, isn't that his right to think that? Why should I spoil his day like that..? Is God going to get me for this? I just got home from Ash Wednesday services. OY!!! But isn't it true happy wife happy life? I'm happy!! I really am happy! Let's see, I know there is something I haven't washed yet. For two years and I felt as if I had done penance for my huge mistake of buying these horrid machines that were causing me to feel depressed and mad at myself and the engineers who would make such a, a did I mention POS!!! (I'm usually such a nice person...)

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I do not own a bravos or cabrio, but after seeing videos of them; if this were the only way I had to wash clothes, I think I'd be depressed too! If you had them two years I'm sure you tried all suggestions given to you. What kind of GE did you get?

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Washer GFWN1100LWW, Dryer GFDN110ELWW both by GE, made in Canada. They are simple, you push the button they come on. Ahhhh...just like the good old days. They were rated a 10 out of 10 by a review forum that was recommended on this site. They even out performed the much fancier machines. I could not love them more. They are not beautiful, but you don't really have to be beautiful to be loved do you? How do I love them? Let me count the ways.

There is no cheerful tune when you open the door. YES!!!
That cheerful tune was there to make you think it was doing a good job and that it liked you when that horrid machine hated your guts.

It actually cleans the laundry there are no stains left on clothes! Hooray!

The laundry smells clean!!!

My clothes actually changed colors after rewashing from the Bravos

My clothes no longer have wrinkles, it's a miracle!!!

The machines are quiet and I love that, noise sensitive people take heart.

You turn them on they do the laundry, there are not a lot of settings. No special tricks to loading or pre-treating.

Cons, it does collect water in the gasket. I have been diligently wiping it out after use. It does have the little holes to drain the water out in the gasket but it still has a little bit left in there.

It is not pretty, it is sort of deep in it's depth so it sticks out a little more than I hoped from the wall. This is not a machine that you will escort your dinner guests to to show off your new W/D. I wanted a smaller size tub because I was told that the large tubs are part of the problem as far as getting out of balance and it's still big but just not gargantuan big. A 3.5 size as opposed to 4.something.

I did not get the pedestals. I just have a little stool that you can sit on in front of the washer and move the clothes to the dryer if you want to sit on it and take your time. No big deal at all, the whole reason I ended up with the top load Bravos was because I was worried about bending over and that being a problem seeing well into the washer. But with the stool there it's not a problem at all. I am having a top made for them to make them look more built in. Actually it hurt my back more leaning down into the deep well of the top load and pulling clothes up and not forward as in the front load.

For sale: Bravos w/d top o the line. lol posted on FB today.

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I just looked it up. While it's not the fanciest front load washer, it certainly doesn't look far from it as far as appearance goes. It looks like a typical modern front load washer to me, minus some of the extra features that come with a lot of them.

I'm glad you're happy with it. I'm guessing you're happy with the amount of water it uses? I've been leery of GE but perhaps they have worked the kinks out. I've heard horrible things about the Adora from the past, then again, people only post usually when something is wrong

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Proper loading & cycle selection is key to success with high efficiency top load washers. Drop items in loosely around the basket to the top row of holes. Match the cycle to washload and you're good to go. We have a Cabrio and following these simple guidelines gives excellent results every time.

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Have done it all, makes no difference re: how you load. Both of the people who promised to buy the Bravos have backed out, probably saw this thread, lol. If I could start over I would, I don't know how I got so caught up in this new technology, I wish I had never sold my old reliable full agitator set. I'm not old either or technically challenged. I'm just sick of as one poster said making a hobby out of simply doing a load of wash. I'm sick of drying them out after, of worrying about the door being open, of them getting moldy and stinking, of how much soap and what kind to use, getting out of balance, circuit boards going out. It's not worth it, what's the big deal of having one of these expensive machines anyway if they don't even work any better than the old ones. Steps off soap box... Sorry to rant.

Yes, Mark40511 I am happy with the water the new GE set is using, it's just enough but not too little ~heard some bad things about GE but I have heard bad things about them all and just decided to go for it. I didn't want to spend $1200 for a washing machine again only to see them advertised for $499 the next couple of years out. All the best and good luck!

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OP (gardenandcats), I see you posted last year, in November. Have you bought another washer or w/d set yet? If so, how is it working for you?

When I was researching washers before I bought my Bravos, I read many great reviews from buyers who were very pleased with their purchase. Now I'm one of them.

My Maytag Bravos cleans all my dirty laundry extremely well. :)

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gr8day - My parents bought the Bravos set a few years ago and my mother hated them as much as you do! After a year of trying everything she could think of and having unclean, shredded laundry she did the same as you. She bought a new set without talking to my father, who thought she was nuts, and spent the next week rewashing everything with glee. She will be so happy to read this! I'm delighted for you. I think you did the right thing!

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I've owned a Bravos set for 19 months and they work fine for me. I cannot for the life of me figure out why so many people hate their Bravos machines. It seems to either be love or hate with that model, at least here on this forum.

I researched for a year before buying the Bravos, and knew early on that I didn't want a FL due to mildew, odors, having the leave the door open, etc. I also knew I wanted an HE model, we're on a well and pay electric bills for every gallon pumped out of it.

I paid close attention to recommendations here about getting a TL model with an internal heater. This proved a god-send when construction on my rural house slowed and I had to use the machines for several months without the hot water heater being turned on (we were living in a little trailer onsite and bathed using the trailer water heating). The water out of the well is 55 degrees, not suitable for cleaning clothes. I was able to have truly warm water for laundry because of the onboard heater on the Bravos.

One thing that really helped me "train" for using the Bravos was going back over previous threads on this forum for tips and hints from other owners. I read the manuals online before buying and in detail once the washer was installed. I mostly use the Bulky setting and I know all the tricks for getting the washer to add more water. If I used the standard settings, I might not be happy with the Bravos either. Another thing I've learned is, when washing clothing, don't fill the washer to capacity because arms and legs of items do tangle with a big load. I realize that defeats the feature of high capacity, but I've learned to live with "what works" with my washer.

Some people might object to having to "trick" the washer into adding more water, or they don't want to have to think about it and load correctly, use the exact right cleaning products, etc. I believe the automatic clothes washer is the single greatest invention in history for saving time and effort for the person responsible for laundry. Just travel to Asia and watch women beating their laundry on rocks in rivers, you'll understand. I don't mind having to spend a few minutes of effort to make my Bravos work right for me.

My only regret with the Bravos purchase is I got the TOL dryer with steam, really a waste. If I want to steam something, I throw it in and spray plain water on it from a little spray bottle. And I note that the LG Waveforce has 2 features lacking in my Bravos: more cascading/spraying water action and the ability to push buttons to add more water. If I were buying now, I would probably choose the LG Waveforce.

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Sandy16, I am so glad you posted this. I was worried we might end up on Jerry Springer or something for not consulting my husband first before I bought them but I really had just had it. I know how your mother feels!! I'm glad she is happy now : ) Hope your dad was ok with that, lol.

dianne47 et al, I am so glad you love your Bravos and I hope many people do because I almost felt guilty selling it to this poor lady that bought it knowing how I felt about it. I think she was thrilled to get it. I sold it to her for $100 so I'd be guilt free but still I just hope she will love it as much as the people in the love column and not end up in the hate club because I would really feel bad if she didn't like it. I sold to her cheap as she was a person who does dog rescue and never refuses to foster a dog up to her limit of 5 as they prepare for transport to another state to forever homes. She also told me she had to pay someone to come and get it so that added to her cost. I wanted to help her out as much as I could. You are right this is one machine that brings out the passion!

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Dianne, I'm glad your Bravos is working well for you.

I use every cycle when I do different types of laundry.

I only use the Bulky cycle for comforters, pillows, and sleeping bags, and the other cycles have worked great for other laundry with much less water. This is a real blessing because we are on a septic tank, and of course it also keeps the water bills way down.

I washed two loads of clothes over the weekend (one, jeans, and the other dark shirts and lighter-weight pants). I used the Power Wash cycle for both loads.

Both of these loads were filled to capacity (I am always amazed at how much laundry I can wash in one load!), and all clothes came out wonderfully clean, no problems.

I've never ever had a single problem with laundry "shredding" or tangling or anything else. I am so thankful to have this washer.

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I did get the matching Bravos dryer, but I didn't think I'd need the steam feature, so didn't get it. Thus far (several years later), I haven't needed it.

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Well, gr8day, I think you did the dog rescue lady a tremendous favor selling her your washer for $100. I hope she either got your manual - and will ready it - or is savvy enough to go online and download the important pages there. I hope she's in the like it or love it Bravos crowd, too.

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I definitely sent along the manuals and also one container each of HE Detergent and Softener. She sent me a text and said thank you, it's perfect : ) I had it looking brand new when it left here. ...In the meantime, I am in love with my new GE frontloader. I get excited if I think some more laundry has accumulated, lol. Is it time to do towels? Yippee!! So I guess the old adage, to each his own, or one man's rubbish is another man's treasure were made up for a reason.

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I soo know the feeling of having waited a long time to get a new W/D and spending a lot of money and only to have it be a POS and husband is balking about buying a new set because he is color blind and actually cannot tell if the laundry is still dirty or not as long as it smells like laundry detergent!. I went through 8 yrs of this! I felt like I was either gonna kill my washer or my husband. When he finally,reluctantly, agreed that we needed a new washer, just to shut me up, I had to fight him to get the matching dryer, because who cares if it matches or not even though it's the first thing you see when you come in our back door. Any way, the point is I was feeling like laundry was ruining my life and I know exactly what you're talking about. Please posters...don't preach to me about how you don't really need W/D to match..because I don't really need to hear your opinion. I WANT IT TO MATCH!

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Congrats on your new W/D!!! You go girl!

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AIl of my white clothes are turning yellow! I have used several brands of washing detergent, so I don't believe the deterrent is to blame. Could it be the temperature on the dryer? I have tried bleaching, which, doesn't phase the yellow. Any opinions would certainly be appreciated.

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Possibly mineral or rust content in your water. Chlorine bleach can make the problem worse when high-mineral content is involved, and particularly rust. Try adding STPP as a boosting agent, it functions both as a water softener to sequester minerals (not rust) and 'energizes' the wash water. Only a couple tablespoons are needed per load. It's not an instant fix but the items should improve over the course of several washes. Also try oxygen bleach instead of chlorine bleach.

Sodium Tripolyphosphate at

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I bought Bravos 850 washer/dryer set in 2009, and I faithfully "gave it the benefit of the doubt". I worked at it, to make it work for me. I had no luck with large loads, or blankets. But, I read how there is a learning curve, so I kept trying to think outside the box, and be adaptable. I could get along fine with Bravos. It sounds like a jet plane, indeed. but I can wash when no one is home, as long as I get my laundry done. We all have to bend a little, right?

After 5 years, it is a total wreck, broken. Too expensive to repair. Still under warranty for parts but needs a total rebuild, so I doubt we will invest the money in a less than ideal machine. I tried, Maytag, I really did try to keep smiling, keep believing, telling myself "things could be worse".

Now things are worse, I'll prob have to re-shop for a washer, and keep the dryer; mismatch. Oh well. I had it good for a short while.

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Ha, this 3-year-old thread just won't die. I posted above that I have the Bravos dryer with steam and wished I hadn't spent the extra money. Well, after trying the steam more often, I can now say that I'm glad I have it. My Bravos washer extracts so much water in the spin (even on low spin speed) that I like to add dryer steam to de-wrinkle.

My Bravos set is 4.5 years old and going great. My daughter bought a TOL Bravos set earlier this year and is very happy. She does several loads of cloth diapers each week, in addition to regular family laundry. Her husband is a Marine and does his own laundry, you can imagine how dirty his uniforms are. They are very happy with their Bravos.

I will add one other comment. My daughter didn't have time to research the new W/D set when she had to buy (cross-country move plus new medically fragile infant). What I (the designated researcher) found with this year's models is the TOL Waveforce doesn't have water heating on every cycle, the Bravos does. I continue to be mystified how some people have problems with the Bravos, while others (like my daughter's family and me) love theirs.

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My parents had a Bravos that didn't clean well. Their solution is to increase water usage and time. Much like the LG front loaders that want to claim the lowest water usage, they've reduced important inputs too much.

In a commercial setting washers use many fill and purge cycle. The marketers of residential machines that claim the lowest water use don't want to tell you that often a single wash and rinse isn't good enough. A dirty larger load should probably have at least two wash and two rinse cycles. That cleaning may take an hour and a half, which many potential buyers won't like.

I almost never use a single rinse on my frontloader because I've looked at the cloudy water at the end of the first rinse. Unless one lives in the desert and trucks in water, there is little cost or environmental impact in saving a few gallons of water at each wash.

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