Help on Placement and Number of Cree Recessed Lights in Kitchen

gourmetgirl_2010October 16, 2010

We have been struggling with the placement of recessed lighting in our kitchen. We are installing the wiring now so we need to make a final decision. The kitchen was gutted so the walls and ceiling are completely open. The area is 9' x 11.5', which includes the width of the breakfast bar/peninsula. The peninsula is countertop height. Height of the ceiling is 8 feet. We will have two 10 inch diameter pendants over the breakfast bar and task lighting under the cabinets. The wall opposite the range has an in wall glass cabinet that is 24" wide x 42" tall.

We have pretty much decided to go with Cree LR6 650 deep recessed lights, although we have also been considering the new CR6 because the price is considerably less. We do like the idea of the light be recessed in the ceiling though.

There are no windows in the kitchen. It opens up onto the dining room/living room which has a sliding glass door and windows on the opposite wall. We want to make sure that the room is well lit with consistent illumination and no dead spots or shadows.

I've spaced the lights centered at the edge of the countertop on each side of the range. I was concerned about placing them too close to the range as we will have a 22" deep stainless steel hood mounted in a soffit above the range. I've spaced the recessed lights over the peninsula and walkway into the kitchen at 24" apart. The lights along the wall with the in-wall glass cabinet are 24" from the wall and about 36" apart, and one additional light approximately in the middle of the room.

It is a total of 9 light, which seems like overkill for the size of the kitchen, but because of where the rafters are, I felt that the spacing would be too far apart if I went with fewer lights.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for your help on this.

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I have the LR6 about 4 feet apart for about a total of 12 in my kitchen. My ceilings are 9'9". They are very bright. It's almost too much light, but a really very nice light ;). I haven't gotten the dimmer installed yet. My kitchen is an odd shape, we'll say 20' by an average of 12 feet. So, 9 might be too much for you. 9 probably would have been better for me.

But, I'm no lighting designer ;)

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Thanks for sharing your lighting layout marcycde. We are planning on installing a dimmer so I'd rather have it brighter and be able to dim than find that the light isn't adequate. We're getting older and our eyesight isn't so go in dim light anymore!

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