Help with Fisher Paykel gas dryer grinding noise please!

Jblanch1November 29, 2012

My Fisher Paykel model DGIX-96106B gas dryer has suddenly developed a loud grinding noise. It doesn't sound like the 'squeaking' sound I have seen several videos about which is often the drum bearing driver.

Has anyone ever had an FP dryer with this kind of experience before?
I'm just concerned it may be more than the drum bearing that needs replacing.

Thank you for your help!

*here is the link to a video I took of the dryer making the grinding noise:

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Hmmm. The "rate" of vibration seems much too fast for the drum bearing. The drum rotates at only 47 RPM.

Maybe the belt idler pulleys, which is a fairly common source of trouble.

Or could be related to the blower, which attaches directly to one end of the double-shaft motor. Or the motor. The motor runs at 2,340 RPM.

Only way to find the trouble is disassemble the machine.

Send a message to me via the contact form on my user profile for further assistance.

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Thank you very much for your help!
Here is the only part I ended up needing to replace :)

On your advice I began taking the machine apart before buying any parts online. Turns out the problem was a minor tear in the lint filter that allowed dryer sheets to pass the containment filter and continue down to the Blower where they got wedged and lint began to built up.

Once the dryer sheets and the lint was removed the dryer ran as new! I used a compressor and a shopvac to remove excess lint all over the unit, and ordered a replacement lint filter. I also cleaned the moisture sensor really well and now the dryer works great!

I think the lint filter hole must be common as its right where the lint catcher is removed and if you pushed hard with your fingers you could pop a hole and start a cascading series of lint debris beginning with that one small tear in the fabric

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THANK YOU!!!! Thanks for taking the time to post this... we too had the awful noise and had replaced the bearings (did not solve the problem) and actually had replaced the filter (we had noticed the tears when replacing the bearings) ... about to call in the repair people when I came across your post... Yup it was one dryer sheet the lint attached to it in the blower that was the cause of the awful noise and vibrations for the past month! Model DG62TD1 Fisher Paykel purch 06/2009 I will be contacting Fisher Paykel about this...

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