Laundry closet space/constraints

Slenderella68November 17, 2013

Forgive me if this question has been asked/answered elsewhere in this forum.

My laundry closet opening is 60Wx81Hx29D. The washer must be on the right, since the hoses are located on the right side of the closet (not the rear). The dryer is gas. Currently I have the original (2001 era) Whirlpool top-loader and dryer, but am looking to replace with a front-loader, however, both the size of the closet and the gas dryer are restricting me considerably.

If I get a compact 24" set, I will need to hire an electrician to install a 240V circuit and plug.

If I get a conventional sized FL set, they will stick out of the closet, and I will be forced to remove the closet doors. A solution to this would be to install cabinets above the washer & dryer.

I can stick with a TL.

Can anyone else see another solution I haven't found? Thanks!

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I don't have a solution but I had the same problem. I needed to replace an ancient one-piece laundry center that was in a closet in the kitchen. I wanted a FL set but they wouldn't fit behind the doors. So, I bought my Whirlpool FL set, took off the doors and learned to love the look of the machines in the kitchen. After 6 years I don't even notice them any more and they have been wonderful.

I live in a small house and it is really funny when people come over who have larger houses with the W/D either in the basement or garage and they think it is cool to have them in the kitchen.

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I grew up in the 50's/60's with our Norge washer and dryer in the kitchen. I really liked the convenience. As a kid I would sit on the dryer to get warm. Or we'd sit on the washer during the spin cycle and try and talk. We laughed!

So happy to now have new set back upstairs in my remodeled bathroom. I wired for the 240v or my dryer and 110 for the washer. It is a stacked Miele set and I love it. But it is much more economical in space demands than US machines. It could fit in your space.

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