What do you think of hanging drying rack from ceiling??

ailene54January 15, 2014

I found this ceiling drying rack I think it's perfect for my mud/laundry room, it's works with a pulley. When the pool is open we use this as the entrance. I plan on putting same creamy white cabinets I have in my kitchen, and shelf above W&D. I'm either going to put new paper or foe paint with a glaze. I'm also looking for creative way of hiding dryer vent. Would appreciate suggestions for the floor too. I have bamboo strand in my kitchen, probably going to put same floor in den (which is off the kitchen). I have runners because my 12yr old dog started to have anxiety walking down step to mud room (he's a toy poodle). Please tell me your thoughts. I'm having some medical issues, so am in the house a lot, this site has been wonderful for helping me sought out what I'm going to do when this is behind me....Thank you in advance for your help! PS room is usually in better order than right now.

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I think it's a great idea for your small space where you don't have room for a standing rack....up and out of the way when you don't need it.

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I think this is a brilliant idea! Where did you find it. I could use one for our laundry room too.
As for covering the dryer vent, I would suggest boxing it in using fir strips and thin plywood. Then paint it to match the wall. You could make it easily removable by using cabinet door clips.

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I could also use that! (although I prefer the multi-layer mesh kind, but can't find one and my old one broke)

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Justgotabme Here are the two links to ceiling drying racks I liked best. Thanks for the idea of how to cover up the vent.

Sihockeyfan what kind of multi level mesh are you talking about..,do you have a picture?

Please also make suggestion for my floor, DH thinks I should leave linoleum,
A friend thinks I should put a sticky floor onto from big box store, and I'm thinking of putting same floor as I have in kitchen and then putting an oriental style runner on top for my dog.



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Ilene, I used to have a folding, 3-level rack, like the one shown except that all three levels were mesh for laying out "lay flat to dry" items, so I could do a bunch at a time. All the ones I see now have one layer of mesh and just bars for the other levels (which is fine for bras and the like, but not for sweaters). I tend to do all my hand-washing at once, so it's nice to be able to dry multiple items at the same time (somewhere other than on towels on the bathroom floor!).

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Sjhockeyfan I do understand what you mean now, and may have come across two things you may be interested in ( way to much time in the house for me right now)... The first is 3 levels, the second they say is stackable for multilevel..,thought you may be interested.

Also if you have idea for my floor let me know...lol



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Looks like a great solution to me. I think I've seen drying racks somewhere (on TV maybe?) that mount on the wall and are pulled down that would be a good option too.

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That's exactly what I want ever since I saw it in an old English movie. But our laundry leads to a half-bath that DH uses, and there are cabinets ove the machines, so if clothes are hanging from it they would slap DH in the face as he goes by.

Would you hang yours directly abov the machines?

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Thank you Ilene. I bet I could build one of those for allot less expensive using PVC pipe. In fact it would make for a great article for the blog I write for. Doubly good!

As for the floor it's all really personal preference. We have commercial tiles in our laundry room. You have to use real wax on them, but we've had them down and I've not had to rewax them since. The mop up easily and still look great.

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I found a nice ceiling mounted drying rack online awhile ago. It was wood with iron fittings and looked like it belonged in an English farmhouse. I might end up with one for my first floor laundry room.

How about large format tile for your laundry room floor?

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Ilene -- is it just for drying slightly-damp towels? Or would it also be for drying, say, unmentionables or delicate clothes? For the latter, what would you put down on your new flooring to catch all the drips?

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Pammyfay I wash most of my clothing in the machine, then dry them on a rack, or on hangers. My drying rack now is in the doorway leading to my garage, which is difficult to move. Sometimes I place the rack in the dining room on my oak floors....I didn't think of walking under dripping clothing, or the floor getting wet.

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My sister has that drying rack and put it on the ceiling in another spot in the room. She loves it. She also put cushioned vinyl flooring in a muted marbleized look, it's fabulous, all one piece and you never see a speck of lint etc. She chose a neutral beige with swirls of soft white. She's so glad she didn't choose wood flooring which was her first choice.

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Drying racks like those are dirt common ( in the nicest , chicest way) in English country houses. In the UK they are referred to as "Sheila-Maids", which is a brand name like Kleenex or Xerox standing in for the whole genre.

There isn't an English country manor house without one in their scullery, boot, or laundry room. In a damp climate where people are outdoors a lot and fewer people have clothes dryers they are indispensible.

I love them!


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Liriodendron, thanks for the information, I'm dfinately using this when I fix up my mud/laundry room.

Yayagal thanks for info

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I dont know what kind of washer you have, but our Bosch front loader spins clothes so dry they rarely take more than 15 min to dry in the dryer. We hang things up all the time and there has never been a single drip from any of the air drying garments. When we remodeled our laundry room i had Cabinet Guy build an airing cupboard in one corner. It has a hanging bar and several vents in the top for air circulation, and is situated right next to the Hvac vent for that room. It was built on site with no floor so our vacuum can roll right into its spot without picking it up at all. The whole thing is really useful, and if we did not have it the pulley dryer would be a great alternative.

We considered this drying rack but it doesnt hang enough stuff, and i wanted wallpaper and it would have covered too much of the wall. So if you arent sold on the Sheila Maidyou could considerone of these, or if you are putting in cabs, fit one with a rod and vent holes at top.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is one of their choices of wall mounted drying racks

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Kswl thanks for the suggestion. My problem is no wall space, next to both W&D are doors, the room is just to narrow. My washer spins well, but when spinning on hand wash setting things drip a little, but will deal with that as time goes on. Now I have to find a contractor to do the work and order the cabinets....I'm looking forward to a nicer looking mud/laundry room this summer....when it's used as an entrance to the house.

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My husband and I went round and round trying to figure out what to do about air dry laundry. I wash my delicates and dry them a rack in the master bath tub (with 3 teen boys I didn't want my undies in our laundry mud/room) My husband does our laundry and was hanging shirts he didn't want in the dryer over the kitchen chairs which was making me batty. Our laundry room is very narrow, my husband and sons are tall so anything hanging down from the ceiling was not going work and it would obstruct the path to the washer and dryer.

We went to hobby lobby and found a decorative mirror and added some knobs for hanging. I painted a board to match and used open brackets for more places to hang items.


Other side of laundry room:

I am happy with our solution because it just looks decorative when there is no hanging laundry.

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gmp3, you are very clever. I love the look of your shelf with brackets. What a great solution.

You know, I could have sworn that I responded to this thread earlier. I remember because I linked some stackable mesh drying trays for sjhockeyfan. However, I don't see my earlier post. Is it usual for a post within a thread to disappear?

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Well, hanging from the ceiling certainly beats where I hang mine. I wait until all my silks, cashmeres, etc., that I handwash on delicate cycle need laundering. I lay them out on towels all over the house for a few hours and then hang wrong-side-out on huggable hangers in every doorway to my house so that they get enough air to prevent souring. However, I usually have unmentionables, a silk robe and some other items always in plain view. In case of unexpected guests, it's a gathering feast, (especially if they are males). ;-)

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