Add decorative lighting, or does the range hood dominate?

empetOctober 28, 2011

We're putting together a kitchen that, due to layout constraints and a few practicality-motivated layout choices, is very asymmetric. (three doors, three closets/hutches, two windows). There's a run of cabinets along one wall (including fridge and sink+window), and a paninsula off the opposite wall that includes a range with an island-style (i.e. hanging from the ceiling) vent hood.

Scene-setting before I get to the meat of it: We're planning to have undercabinet lights (LED puck), also maybe over-cabinet (LED strip or rope) just for ambiance or nightlight, and something over the sink (that's question one - recessed or decorative over the sink?). We're planning on putting recessed cans over the long counter run; I'm assuming three 6" cans set ~27" from the wall (have to see where the joist is) over the 30" deep countertop. Another recessed can in front of the fridge, not in line with the other three. (question two - confirmation of the recessed can layout?).

Here are some images so I don't confuse everybody befor eI even get to the real question. (Three things that are not true about these images: the ceiling is white not dark grey (crazy software thing), we decided not to have upper wall cabinets at the base of the peninsula, and those particular track heads came from the software library and are hideous.)

Now I'm at the meat of it. The peninsula has one stove+range hood that's almost centered on the peninsula, three seats that wrap around one end and aren't centered on the stove. Hood provides cooktop lights, but the peninsula is also for seating and we expect the end nearest the sink to be a moderate-use prep area (stools push all the way in). We've tossed around a few ideas for lights over the peninsula, and favorite this week is track lighting.

- track rail only over peninsula (short L) or extend it to have a head or two over each walkway (long L as shown, or T)?

- straight track or flexible monorail? I like the idea of elegant curves but can't think of a good path for it.

- personally one reason I was voting for track was so we could add mini-pendants over the seating area if we came up with a geography that looked nice. Any hints on possible placement relative to stools and range hood?

- any better ideas than a track? I like the idea of an elongated bar pendant but can't figure out how to make it work with the seating and the range hood.

- If track (or bar pendant or whatever) is only over peninsula, would that mean we'd need to add cans over walkways?

All ideas gratefully considered. :)



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I think you would need additional lighting in the form of suspended wires/ track lighting, suspended tube or serpentine led something like the following link

Here is a link that might be useful: Radiant lighting

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