cute lighting

shakalakaOctober 26, 2010

I love this pendant!

I was set on bell jars, but have heard several comments about dust so I've been looking. These could bring some great color and character into my kitchen in a non-permanent way (although they may clash with my apple-y green teakettle). I suppose they would be best above the bar. Wonder what lighting would coordinate with them for over the table.

I think these are fun too, would need silver. Not sure when this style tips into 80's lame. Dh doesn't like them.

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Not sure when this style tips into 80's lame.

Just about anything that's fashionable today will be considered lame 20 years from now. Personally I prefer lighting that's the equivalent of a blue blazer. :)

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I think lighting is fairly easy and affordable to replace. So if I was going to go a little risky on something or choose something that I might tire of, I'd much rather do it with lighting than backsplash or cabinets. Of course I'll eventually tire of everything probably, but some classic things definitely have more long lasting appeal.

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From what I've heard-decorative lighting should be just that: decorative. It's an accessory rather than the go crazy! I like cute things, and I like mixing them up. This is the kind of investment where you can change it once you get sick of it-then change it back when you're in the mood. I approve of your choice for cute lighting!

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