Not-nearly-done-but-since-you-asked pics

breezygirlJanuary 13, 2012

Thanks to everyone who keeps asking me for new photos of the kitchen! We still have miles to go, as you can see.

Not done:

light fixtures


knobs on uppers

pantry door handle

drywall repair around outlets



kitchen table, banquette, chairs

DR chandy

DR chairs

Excuse any dirt or mess you see in the backgrounds!


Perimeter: Carrara marble, honed 4cm

Island: Black Walnut

Custom Cabinets: Cornerstone Cabinetry, painted BM Simply White

Hardware: Restoration Hardware Aubrey pulls, 4', 6' and 8'

Rangetop: 36' 6 burner Capital Culinarian

Hood: Rangecraft, Viser model

Fridge: KA built-in

MW: Sharp 24' drawer

Sinks: Blanco silgranit in metallic gray

Faucets: Hansgrohe high-arc

From the Dining Room.

Closeup of beverage serving area. (Wow, that's a lot of booze. We're really not alcoholics!) We entertain a lot so I plan to set up beverages, which end up to mostly non-alocholic, here. I rotated this in photobucket, but it shows here the other direction.

I bought these pendants on sale and plan to do a DIY mercury glass technique on them to see if I can cut the glare but not make them look cheap. If they don't work, then I'm not out much and will continue the hunt.

I'll put a link to my photobucket album with more pics. My flickr account was full so the album will only have pics since we moved back in.

Oh, and I said I'd post some pics of the new cats, too. That's next!

Here is a link that might be useful: more pics

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What a beautiful kitchen.
So clean and so peaceful!

BTW. That booze wouldn't support an alcoholic. Not enough of it. Haven't seen Pimms for years. Love the stuff. :) That and Campari!

Anyway. Just gorgeous. I can't imagine it'll look much prettier with the jewelery. Lots of natural beauty.


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That is one beautiful kitchen.
I love that you have marble and a different surface on the island.
What is that called and how is the maintenance.
Truly one of the nicest kitchens that I have seen.

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The gray mother is named Sophie, or "Shoshie" since my 2-year old can't say Sophie. The white and gray kitten is named Lila, and her sister is Coco (short for Coconut). They are about 4 months old.

Usually they sleep in a mound or stretched out like this.

To make these seem pseudo-kitchen related, here are the two kittens "helping" me unload the DW. Hey, I couldn't get them in a bowl, but they love the DW.

Definetly girl cats. :)

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can you tell us the dimensions of your island- both the narrow and the wider part? I really like how you have done that- but then again, i like your whole kitchen- beautiful!

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Your kitchen is beautiful! Your cats are even more beautiful, though. :) May I ask about your island top? How is it finished and is it plank or edge grain? (It looks like plank, just wondering.) Gorgeous walnut!

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kitchen is already everything, especially the white cabinets and walnut island top.

(PS cats are cute too if you like that sorta thing! :) )

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Thanks, Christine! What you can't see is that the lower shelf in that 36" cab is LOADED. Nice that the obscured water glass is working. ;) I happily discovered Pimms while studying in London in my early college days. They commonly mix it with a carbonated lemony beverage that we can't really replicate here in the U.S. YUM!!

Lyban--Thank you! The island top is black walnut. It is finished with a product called Osmo. Since it is wood, it can, and has, scratch and dent. The nice thing about wood is that you can sand out those little imperfections and have it look as good as new. There is no daily maintenance on it. I just wipe it down as I do the rest of the counters at night or anytime during the day I've made a big mess. I love it!

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Oh, your cats are sweet!.
There's nothing that exhibits joy in life like a kitten, puppy or baby. And the curiosity!?! Oh, my.

I remember that lemony stuff. It's not lemonade, but it's not hard lemon cider-ish stuff, either. The name escapes me. But the taste is in my noggin. Very nice after a real, solid, Ploughman's lunch. :)

Pretty kitchen, too.

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breezy!!! You are sick and tired of waiting!?!? You are stuck with that kitchen?!?! Oh poor you -- wanna trade? I'm still stuck in the layout from hell, I'd kill to be where you are now! I especially love your little dishwasher accessories!


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Oh WOW, lovely...It's so beautiful!
OMG those kitties are so darn cute.

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breezy -
what an excellent job you did - stunning! and to think you GC'd that all on your own - WOW! LOVE IT!

the kittens and proud little momma - those pics were worth the wait! how darling! love how they sleep together! you did such a service to that little famiy to take them all so the mom could stay with her kids - you get extra good karma for that!


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Breezygirl, your kitchen is to die for. It's gorgeous. And if I don't go with Simply White now, I need my head examined.

But can I just say Coco, OMG OMG OMG!!! I have two 9-mo. old black and white kittens, boy and girl, fraternal twins. They are hell on wheels. They're my first black and white cats and they are definitely full of piss and vinegar. I love them dearly, but they sure do test the limits.

Congratulations on your not-nearly-done masterpiece.

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Looks fantastic! It's all so lovely, but I especially love that walnut island countertop and the way you used those long horizontal pulls on the cabinet doors. The cats are adorable, too!

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Wowwwee, your kitchen is beautiful! I love everything about it.

And based upon personal experience, having littermates is the way to go! They're beautiful (mom, too!)

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Yay Breezy!!! Finally! It's been quite a journey but it has turned out beautifully! Great job, enjoy!!

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Would it sound creepy if I said I'd like to run my hands over your runnels? Seriously, I've never seen runnels in a wood counter like that, it's beautiful!
As is the rest of the kitchen. I think you made the right choice for pulls, everything just blends together nicely. As for those kitties! Looks like they each poked their noses in the right shade of paint. Too cute. Congrats on everything.

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OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love your kitchen and I love, love your kitties!!!! DH and I were just swooning over your pics!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!

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Really lovely...everything. Kitties too !! My new kittie is probably = to all 3 of yours at once LOL...his name is Meatball and he is 16# 1 oz ! Big boy .

I do love that marble but the walnut and those sexy runnels....whew that is beautiful. c

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Wow!!! It looks beautiful! I too love the runnels in the wood. Can't wait to see more and more. Thanks for posting :)

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Oh Breezy, thank you for posting pics. I was one of the ones anxiously but silently waiting.

Your counters, floors, "cupboards", everything is just perfect.
You deserve a breather from all your hard work. Enjoy!

Btw, did you ever consider putting waterlox on your floors instead of what you did, I think a Bono product?

Also, love your cats - they are adorable. They look content and well-loved.


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Oh, Wow. Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!!! (As are your kitties!) I Love it all!!! Just stunning!

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That walnut is so beautiful I found myself literally smiling at my monitor as I scrolled through your pics. Exquisite taste!

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Beautiful! The marble and walnut are both spectacular. And that hood! It's looking so great, I hope for your sanity sake you can dress it up with the last few details soon so you can be at peace with it all finally!

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Love it:-) Your island looks yacht-ready. Can't wait to see the final pix.

I'm also a Pimm's fan! What's your recipe? So far, I've stuck with gingerale.

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The kitchen is gorgeous, and the kitties adorable. Coco and Lila look as though they were a black cat, and a white cat, and their colors ran in the DW.

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Beautiful, beautiful kitchen. LOVE the walnut top and those runnels are gorgeous. (I want to run my hands over it) I'm so glad you went with the walnut as it adds a great extra dimension to the space. The kitchen looks really neat from the DR. You planned the space really well from that viewpoint as well.

Your kittens are sooooo cute. Do they not know that water is the main ingredient in dishwashers. silly things.

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So beautiful breezy! IMHO It was so worth all the work and planning you did, and it came out so perfect! I hope you think so too!!! Your marble is simply exquisite and the wood is the perfect complement. I love everything about it. And the cats are adorable too!!

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OK, is this the girl who was worried that her kitchen wouldn't be special, unique, and memorable? Worry no more. It's gorgeous, even if it isn't done. Congrats!

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OMG...simply adorable cats! Of course your kitchen is beautiful too!

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The black walnut island is luscious! Dang -- you even worked in the outdoor umbrella and lavender colored flowers into your scheme.

And I like your shorty backsplash in the adjoining area! Not least of all because we did similar. Our installers called it "cute".

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All of the compliments above, breezygirl, plus what you did with your fridge is sheer genius. It works from both sides, as do your intrepid dishwasher guardians. Congrats.

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What a lovely kitchen - and DR! The minimal backsplash height is also tasteful and a nice alternative to what is generally seen these days.

And, those cats are just too fun. How great to have multiple cats who are family and get along. That shot of them in the dishwasher is just a hoot!

I know this kitchen has been blood, sweat and tears for you - and it is so neat to see it and follow along. Some of us have to live vicariously, you know, as our own projects are still in the dream and scream stage!


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Great to see your nearly finished kitchen. I love the color
of that walnut counter. The marble is very elegant. I think
the floor looks beautiful. I like the contrasts in your kitchen.
I can't wait to see the tile.

Question, does your faucet spray land on the sink's bottom
surface or over the drain? And, if over the surface, how
does the water behave? When I pose this question I am looking
at your island sink, but I would be greatful to hear about the
main sink as well.

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Oh wow... I just love it. I love how the counter wraps around into the dining room - the marble is gorgeous. that wood top has to be one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Just so so beautiful. The cats in the DW - hysterical! Congratulations!! Did you hone your marble? The shimmering glass on the liquor cabinet is beautiful. All the details are so well thought out. You must be VERY happy!

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Don't know what I love more, the kitchen or the kitties!

The walnut countertop is just so beautiful with the runnnels. There is so much space I would get lost compared to what we have!

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Gorgeous!!!! I am not a cat person but your kitty pics make me want one!
May I ask what your floors are?

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Having followed your trials and tribulations on this forum, I have to say that it looks well worth the effort.
While the entire kitchen is gorgeous, the 4cm marble, the island countertop, the rainglass and floor are fantastic!
You've done a great job.

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Breezy, it is STUNNING! I don't even notice any of the unfinished things you mentioned, isn't that funny! It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

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Breezy --
What a treat to wake up on saturday morning
to pictures of your beautiful kitchen.
I can well imagine how much you must enjoy waking up
to your almost-done, drop-dead gorgeous, uber-functional kitchen.
I'm glad you didn't torture us any longer making us wait for the reveal.

The marble is perfect and the walnut is the most gorgeous I've seen.
The pulls, which you agonized over, look perfect on your beautiful white cabinets.

Congrats on creating a beautiful, friendly and peaceful kitchen.
And congrats on your adorable kittens who know how to unload -- or at least try to unload -- a dishwasher.

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Breezy, thanks so much for posting your "undone" kitchen, it's beautiful! Your really pulled all the elements together. Gigi wants to touch your runnels but something about your kitchen makes me want to run my hand across everything.

I do have a few questions for you when you have time.

I LOVE your marble. We were going to go with white corian, but I could so see your marble in my kitchen. With 2 kids, moving, company and the holidays, your marble has likely gotten a great workout. How were they to maintain? Does honing make the difference in upkeep?

What brand/model are your wall ovens? Aestetically I wanted a little bit of SS but a lot of black. Reliability I'm sure you checked that out already since you're on top of these things.

Excuse my ignorance but what are those white round circles on your island and pillar? I'm guessing electrical but I have to ask.

Great idea of the temporary pendants, that who knows could be the custom pendants EVERYONE wants. That is one of the few things we found already on a supersale (3 pendants orginally $1000 for $150).

Boring function questions
Distance countertop to countertop (island to small window aisle).
What are the dimensions of your smaller windows (w/o casing).

Your kitchen is so beautiful. I'd have trouble finishing those last few things, because I'd be so happy with the way it is now. I'd don't know how you did all this with so much "life" going on but you did an excellent job!

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Breezy --

Just confirming that you did have your island top finished with Osmo Polyx oil?
Did you coat it? Or did the company that installed it coat it for you?
I suspect that your most beautiful ever island top
is going to start up a debate over Waterlox vs. Osmo.

As you may remember, we used Waterlox and were pretty happy with it.
But now I'm thinking that we'll try Osmo the next time we work with wood,
which may be sooner rather than later
since I'm not completely happy with the dimensions of my island top.

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Oh!! So that is what your kitchen looks like without the detritus of moving in and unpacking. Looks a whole lot better than the last time I saw it!

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The first thought that came to my head was your kitchen is an oasis of beauty. It would make me happy every time I saw it and esp when I worked in it. I love your counters, your water glass and marble. It is all so pretty and flows so naturally! If this is not nearly done, then "done" is going to be stunning!

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Love the kitchen and can't wait to see final photos. You should be very proud of yourself. Love the cats too.

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Stunning! Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the design of your cabinets and the combination of materials is perfect. I love the cool white cabinets and lovely marble with the warmth of the floor and island. Thanks so much for sharing.

Your kitties are so cute! Love the picture of them in the dishwasher.

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BEAUTIFUL KITTIES ...... oh, and what a gorgeous kitchen TOO!!!! lol

Your kitchen is timeless ..... love it!!


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Definitely a success!.. and I like the light fixtures. I don't think they look cheap. The hardware's great, the counters are fantastic, and the espresso machine fits just right! ;-) I have to laugh a little, remembering the galley you had in mind at first... Which wasn't at all terrible, and better than what you had, but kind of a make do, now, with this palatial kitchen in comparison.

I really like the inset bookshelf on the end of the fireplace (which I'd love to see, too). Is there something above it?

I am in love with your kitties!! Love that they match, but don't. Interesting and funny that they get in the dishwasher.

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Love your kitties - makes me want another one! What do you call the edge on your marble? Is it eased? Thanks for sharing!!!

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Oh my, that is BEAUTIFUL! That marble is insanely gorgeous! I love how you wrapped it around to make it part of your dining room as well. Everything is just wonderful! Congrats on getting thisclose to the finish line!

And those KITTENS, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! (That was me having a cute attack)

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Y'all are so nice! Thank you for the compliments! The whole house, but mostly the kitchen, was agonizing to get to this point. It feels good to hear that others think the kitchen looks good.

I forgot to tell the story of how the little marble splash came to be. I hadn't planned on any splash on the peninsula area, except maybe something on the back wall of the beverage counter indoor the upper. The counters were templated to that. At install, it was clear the pieces in that area didn't line up right. They worked and worked to get them tight against the walls without luck. The owner of the company came out during the work to see what could be done. They didn't have enough marble to re-cut another piece. Remembering what Celineike did in her beverage area with the little 2" splash of marble, I suggested that as a possible fix. We decided to have them fabricate the strips to see what I thought as it was cheaper for them to try that than to try to find another slab. I like that it finishes the area off even though it wasn't my original vision.

I will come back later this afternoon to answer the questions, but I need to run now. Give me until this afternoon.

Hhhmmmmm...I just noticed in looking at the pics that the kitchen looks a bit cold, not warm and inviting. Maybe that's what a gray Carrara does to a kitchen in the PNW. I thought that might happen.

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Yay, at last we get to see your almost finished kitchen! I remember when this kitchen was merely dreams and lines on paper as you played with lay-outs. It's as lovely as I imagined it would be. I love the walnut island counter, the thick marble perimeter, the tucked-away bookcase, the windows flanking the range, that hood (swoon) ... so many smart choices and such a well thought-out lay-out. It looks amazing.

You must be thrilled to have made it to this point (and how I envy you that). I've told you before: I'm utterly impressed that you GCed this project.

And your kitties? Oh, my, they are so adorable, they've stolen my heart.

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Beautiful kitchen, adorable cats! Thanks for sharing!

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Looks great! I love the glass you chose for those cabinets. Will you do a post on the mercury glass technique? I would LOVE to know the details and how it turns out! So happy for you! And the double sided fireplace looks great- doesn't that seem like a lifetime ago?!

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Beautiful kitchen!

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Oh, man. All these compliments. There will be no living with her now. ;)

(just kidding, Wendy)

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Beautiful! I love the marble and faucets...rangetop looks great. And the marble....dreamy!

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Newbie here, but had to respond... BEAUTIFUL! I *love* the space/layout of what you're working with

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Oh, Breezy--It's all so very lovely, but I confess...I wanna come over and just run my hands over that gorgeous black walnut island!! It's just I can't agree on it feeling "cold"--the island and the floor really warm it up, and once it's full of family cooking and talking and sipping Pimms, it'll have all the warmth you could ever want and then some. And the kitties. Nothing says "home" like kitties in the dishwasher. :-)

Enjoy your wonderful new kitchen, you've certainly worked hard for it.


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Breezy - Stunning! Wonderful! So well thought out! You should be so proud! Your kitchen will be bookmarked over and over! I hope you can soak in all the comments above because they all are on point. :-) Good for you!!
I wanted to say that you mention it looking a bit cold. My quartzite made me feel the same way. Once I put a simple small fabric valance and chair pads on it softened the whole feel for me. ENJOY!! Yippee for you and your family.

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Oh!!! turned out absolutely stunning! You must be overjoyed...your marble is delicious, and the gorgeous walnut warms it all up. I love the view from the dining room through to the kitchen, such a great layout and pretty view! Enjoy! Post when you get your tile!

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Wow!! Breezygirl (Wendy),

You did it! All that planning and agonizing over each detail made it just sing! It is a lovely kitchen and so well thought out. Congratulations!!!

Beachpea (the other Wendy)

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Simply Breathtaking.

I don't even think I can write anything that hasn't been said.

Congratulations, can't wait to see what else you come up with.


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Breezy - I have the same weather as you - dreary and grey from November to March (and sometimes beyond), although today we actually have some of that white stuff - and I don't find your kitchen cold. If I think a kitchen is cold, I won't post or I stay out of the discussion, but that isn't the case here. Perhaps it's because of the wood floors and that stunningly warm island top or all the light from the windows, or the minimal number of uppers I don't know, but I don't find the kitchen cold at all.
Your view also includes the DR with the antique table and perhaps that helps to warm it up as well.

In time, you may want to add some colour but until you have the tiles and banquette in you won't know for sure. One step at a time and don't rush it.

We've been in our kitchen now for 15 months and are just putting in drapery treatments, that's how long it took me to decide on colours and the style that I wanted to present.

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Hatethecold--the island is 24" deep plus 1.5" overhang on the skinny end and 41.5 (24" plus 17.5" overhang for stools) on the wider end. My plan is to add a banquette snuggled right up to the island on the skinny part, hence the depth difference.

Northcarolina--my walnut top was custom made by a local woodworker with walnut planks. He has used Osmo polyx oil for years on his wood counters so I went with that. Osmo is a green, food-safe product. VERY easy to put on and can be used to spot treat areas that need it instead of having to finish the whole surface at the same time.

Athome--I'm not stuck or sick of my kitchen, just tired of waiting until it looks better to show some pics. My layout was a pita for a long time (see Rhome's comments), but eventually it worked out! I'm so glad I was patient for the right layout.

Linelle--My former orange tabby Peanut was a hellion. So far, little Coco isn't as bad. She was, however, the one we had so much trouble with the first couple of weeks peeing and pooping everywhere (beds, table, laundry, shoes) except her box.

Gigi--So NOT creepy! I do it all the time! I pretend I'm just cleaning them out. ;)

Momo7--My floors are finished with Bona. I would have considered Waterlox if that was offered by my flooring guys. I trusted them and their experience with Bona. I had so many things to completely agonize over in the reno that I let that one go. I've never seen a waterloxed surface so I'm curious how it would be different.

Kay--I fellow Pimms fan! Since I first drank Pimms as 'Pimms with Lemon' (lemonade), I usually mix with 7Up. I plan to try with one of the carbonated lemonades on the market now. I think that will come to the closest to how it's usually served in England. Ginger ale sounds good, too!

Zartemis--Thanks for the compliments on the 2" splashlette. As I mentioned this morning, it wasn't my initial vision for the space.

MDP--The marble is honed. I found it that way at the stone yard. It still has some shine to it though. I wrapped the peninsula around to the DR so I could have buffet space when we entertain. One of my pet peeves in the old kitchen/house was not having a space to put food when we have parties (a lot). Buffets ended up on the DR table, then folks have no where to sit with their plates.

Texanniew--My floors are 3" white oak stained with a Jacobean and Coffee Black/Dark Walnut mix. They are finished with Bona.

Lake Girl--The edge is eased. It's as close to a square edge as they would do. I also had the corners done very close to square also. I like straight lines. :)

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Congrats! It looks amazing! The Aubrey pulls are perfect. I am loving your walnut and so excited to see it b/c we will have one on our island and that's the element I'm most unsure about. I especially love the runnels in the wood.

It's been a long time coming for you-enjoy every minute with your kiddos and fur babies. I am a dog person, but that black and white kitten is the cutest thing I've ever seen....


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Gorgeous! So many things to love in this kitchen, you must be so happy with it. I notice you did mostly 4-drawer stacks. We did too and are pleased with that choice, especially beside the range for easy access to pans without having to unstack them. What are you storing in your drawers beside the cooktop?

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Enduring--I love *your* kitchen! For the prep sink, the spray lands on the sink bottom in front of the drain. I don't have a problem with splashing, thankfully. With the banquette planned in front of the sink, I was worried about water splashing on a diner's head when seated. (Actually, I wasn't worried until Bmorepanic said she wouldn't want to sit there and get wet.) Both sinks are really deep though. In fact, useless bit of info here, the woodworker who made the walnut top offered to inset the sink up higher into the walnut than it would be if we just undermounted it. Given how deep I was finding my cleanup sink, I paid the small upcharge for that. You can see in my pics that the walnut doesn't look as thick around the sink as it actually is.

The cleanup sink is deeper front to back and has a rear offset drain so the spray lands on sink bottom there also. The only reason I get some splashing there is because I sometimes accidently turn the faucet on full blast. With the Tapmaster at the prep sink, which I use more often, I'm still getting used to how much force I need to use to turn the little Hansgrohe lever.

Aloha--I could see marble in your space too. Beekeeperswife is also considering marble and asked me the same questions about how it's holding up. I'll link the thread on the bottom where I typed a near novel with detail. I think honing makes a difference in etching.

Wall ovens are Wolf L series, 30". I struggled over spending so much on them even though these were a floor model deal. I was in shock over bad ovens and prices in general during research. I had settled on the Elux non-Icons, which still seemed like too much money. I knew Wolfs were my dream ovens based on Rhome's oven saga. I decided to splurge on them for the baking techonology, reliability, and Wolf customer service. No regrets so far.

The round cirlces are electric outlets called Sillites. They meet electrical standards and sufficed as an outlet on the end of the peninsula that I needed by code. I didn't want a giant duplex outlet on the end of my island panel and couldn't put one in the end of the fridge wall. Instead, my electrician bored the smallish hole through the framing for the sillite. The island had to have outlets on both ends (grrrr) but we couldn't fit one in because of the trash pullout (another grrrr). Since I had an extra sillite left, the electrician talked me into putting it where you see it on the island and swears to me I'll pass inspection. Now that I see the photos, I see that it looks dumb to have that on one end of the overhang and the duplex in the pony wall under the overhang. Oh well. The stools should help hide that.

Aisles (counter to counter):
Fridge itself (not counter) to island is 42.75"
Island to rangewall is 41.5"
Island to cleanup sink is 43.5"

Windows are 24" units; however, the frame of the window showing is 22" and the glass is only 17.5". I didn't realize a 24" window would give me so little actual window!

I'm afraid that the more I stare at that primed wall behind the hood, the harder it will be to choose tile and fill the area up with stools and the banquette.

Here is a link that might be useful: Marble thread for Enduring

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Your kitchen is really shaping up Breezy. Your walnut is pretty. Thanks for sharing where you are at so far. We all live normal lives (I think!) and know things take time to develop and life gets busy. But it has to feel good to be where you are at. Can't wait to see the backsplash when it goes in. That will really set the tone for your space!

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Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see it when it is all finished.

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Francoise--Sorry to hear about your island top. The island is finished with Osmo, which I highly recommend. The fabricator coated it a few times himself and left us with the tin to do future coats. It's very simple to put on. Just wipe it on with a soft cloth and follow behind leisurely to rub any excess off. Easy peasy. I think a big selling point is that you can treat a small area that might have a little wear on it without having to do the whole top. My woodworker said that the more coats you put on over time, the more resistant it'll be and the less we'll have to treat it. It leaves a very matte, yet subtlely glowing surface. I love to touch it!

And thanks for the compliment on the pulls. You know how much trouble those pulls were. Yikes. I love them and so does DH! Whew.

Rhome!!!!!! My kitchen angel! Thank goodness I had your help and that of countless others so I didn't end up with that galley kitchen! I consider myslef so lucky to have ended up with this most functional layout. Thank you for your countless hours of help, computer renderings, and counsel.

I don't think the pendants look cheap now. I'm just afraid that my DIYing could mess them up. I definetly need to practice first.

Thanks for the bookshelf compliment. I didn't take full-on shots of those because of the mess beyond in the other rooms. I have a mini "message center" area above the light switch bank and another shelf. If I can get DH to take all the bins and boxes out that need to go to the garage, I'll take some pics tomorrow.

Lisa--It was your nagging, uummm urging, in part that finally got me to post again. ;) You're doing so well on your bathrooms that you'll be at this kitchen stage soon!

Briana--Good idea for a post. I'll take some pics and work my way through the pendants. I'm hoping they turn out nicely because the shape is pleasing, but I'm not sure I can do claer glass pendants. Mercury glass is so appealing.

Kellie--Oh...HA HA!

Blfenton--You are one of a handful here that experience the same dreary climate. Snowing here today, too. I remember our discussions here of the possible coldness of the marble, white cabs, maybe gray cabs, etc. I'm so glad you don't feel the kitchen is cold! I think the finishes and accessories that need to be added will bring some warmth also. One of my goals throughout the reno has been to not rush decisions. I don't want to make a bad choice because I didn't take the time to look at all my options. Sometimes, that was a major hinderance, but I'm happy so far even if it has taken months and months and months to get here! Window treatments! Good for you! I really hope you'll post pics some day. I'd love to see it.

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it's beauteeeeee-ful bee -and i'm so envious. i can't wait to see it all finished but it looks like it should be soon. and, i do love you're kitties, too!

the marble looks perfect, very nice slabs!

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Breezy! I was just thinking about you today and wondering how you were enjoying your new kitchen! It is really beautiful and timeless! You put your heart and soul into is a WOW, for sure! I love your bar area around the peninsula...what is on the inside of the cabinets (besides the back wall of the cabinets? It looks shimmery??? I have a similar cabinet with barware/glasses...we put in glass shelves and in-cabinet lighting and it still doesn't look quite "finished"...yours gave me an idea...
Hope all is well...hope your kids are transitioning and enjoying their new house! So fun! And you made some memories!
Thanks for sharing your kitchen...
oh...and I am glad that in the end you chose the Aubrey pulls....great choice!

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I can't wait to see the pendent lights done mercury style. I actually didn't know you could faux it that way until you mentioned it and I found several tutorials. Very tempting for me to try too. They should compliment the rest of the glorious kitchen well. (I wanted to use a word other than beautiful b/c while it is true, it is what everyone else has already said.) And I don't think the kitchen is cold at all. The wood on the island counter top and the floors keep it from being so. Good job! Your hard work has paid off. Now you are in the final, final stretch. Keep at it. (I wish I were there too.)

I love the kitties in the DW BTW. Fabulous!

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Breezy, thank you so much for posting this update! I've been wondering how you're doing. Your kitchen is beautiful with so many great details--the gorgeous marble, hood, walnut, cabs, hardware, rangetop . . . everything! Your intensity and attention to every decision has certainly paid off--the floors, 2-inch edging, fireplace, ceiling texture, hardware, and more all look wonderful. And you GC'd it all--my heartiest congratulations to you!

And your precious kitties are wonderful, too! Absolutely too cute!!

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Wow! Everything is just gorgeous! Especially the marble and the wood island and your hood and -- well, I could just name EVERYTHING! Enjoy.

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So pleased to see the working kitchen!! What a fabulous space to cook in :) Love the walnut, love the runnels, love your marble, love your layout. Like everyone else, have so enjoyed watching your progress. Can't wait to see what you do with the backsplash! Best, Oldbat2be

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WOW - thanks for posting the update! Absolutely beautiful. I'm sure it makes your heart sing when you walk in the room. You decision on the pulls for dead on. Congrats and enjoy!!!

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I just want to marry that walnut. Love love love it.

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Ahhhhh....finally i can check this off my list! lol

Ive been waiting and checking and rechecking for pics of your "done" kithcen!
It looks perfect! Exactly like your careful plan and yet effortless at the same time.
LOVE the wood on your island. My little piece of BB on my island is my favorite surface in my whole kithcen. (wish it was bigger)
Your marble is perfect too!
Cant wait to see bench/eating area done!
Congrats and YEAY!!!

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All that careful planning really shows, in so many ways.

    Bookmark   January 16, 2012 at 11:02AM
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SWOON! I know you put a ton of time, thought, research, and heart into your remodel, and it shows! Absolutely wonderful. Love all the touches and I see you got your Aubrey pulls! Good for you!

There are many beautiful details, and the one I keep going back to look at is that beautiful island counter. Wow!

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It's fabulous! I adore your island, especially the runnels! Love the rain glass cabs. Just a gorgeous space, can't wait to see the backsplash.

Do you have any tile selections in the running yet?

Does the black walnut hold up well to wear and tear? It's making me want to change my island selection from marble to black walnut!

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WOW!! I don't post often, but I just had to tell you how absolutely gorgeous your space has turned out.

Can't wait to see what you choose for your backsplash, either - that is the one choice of mine that is looming, and I've decided I'm going to wait until everything else is in to make up my mind.

Your pulls are beyond perfect, I love that you have the same pull in a larger size for the wider drawers. Can I ask the measurements of your different pull sizes? I have several 36" wide drawers, and am debating between single wider pulls or double smaller ones.

Beautiful, beautiful space, especially that island. Enjoy!

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wow!! so lovely and elegant! love your cats too!

    Bookmark   January 16, 2012 at 2:28PM
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I love the precious kitties!

Your kitchen came together beautifully. There are so many things I love: lustrous walnut counter with the fab runnels, lovely veining in the marble and the slim 2" BS, gorgeous hood centered between the two windows, etc., etc. I am so impressed you managed to pull off this project so well with little ones in tow.

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I can't think of anything else to say, either, that hasn't already said. Such a beautiful space, and the work and careful thought that went into it are obvious.

Thanks especially for posting all the great photos of the lovely walnut. I've been hoping to use that in our kitchen too, and after seeing your pics, DH has a much better understanding of how beautiful it can be. I'm also glad to know about the Osmo polyx oil, because DH especially isn't a fan of high gloss. This might be a better fit.

Thank you for sharing these with us!

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Gorgeous! The marble, the walnut, and the whole combination! The hood is really impressive, do you have a closer picture?
I really like the matching prep and main sink faucets, the style and the fact they match!
And the kitties are so sweet! They look right at home!

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Rhome--You wanted to see the built-ins at the fireplace. Only for you, E, would I post pics of the house the way it is now. Please keep in mind that the house is very much a work in progress. Some furniture needs to be replaced, walls need a second coat of paint, window treatments and rugs need to be selected, accessories need to be arranged, etc.

Built-in facing the kitchen.

The message/communication center. Eventually, I'll have DS's school schedule up and will post important invites, etc. I'm still working the kinks out.

The built-ins on the other side of the fireplace facing the front door. Once I unpack some of the "pretties" that have been packed for over a year, I'll take a stab at arranging the shelves. Now, it's just things that I didn't really have a place for yet when I unpacked them. :)

Look how the kitties worked themselves into another pic!

I'm planning on tiling the large walls on the fireplace faces up to yet-to-be-decided mantels. The white primer isn't very attractive.

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Sorry I missed some of your other questions.

Taggie--Thanks! yes, I did a few 4-drawer stacks. It's what I was used to with the few stacks I had in my old kitchen. I have a lot of utensils, etc that I felt would get lost in a deeper drawer. I'm having some difficulty with them in that the shallow ones aren't as deep as I calculated they would be. Consequently, some items don't fit where I thought they would. Right of the sink has 1. washclothes and bibs for DD 2. kitchen towels 3. BBQ tools 4. kids cups and thermoses in easy reach.

Right of the cooktop are 1. spices on the left and baking tools (measuring spoons and cups, etc.) on the right 2. larger and secondary baking tools like rolling pin and pastry cutters, stand mixer paddles, plus other small prep tools that need to be sorted and possibly moved to the island drawers 3. Teas, hot cocoa 4. Storage containers and lids.

(Please don't judge the organization as I still need to work on final homes for some of these things, final arrangement within the drawers, and find some organizer trays. AND...I NEED TO FIND MY DARN LABELER!!)

Left of cooktop has 1. hot mitts and pads on left and meat thermometers, tongs on the right 2. scale, corkscrew and wine corking system, binder clips, misc. tools 3. meat pounders, specialty microplanes, spider, gravy seperator, potato masher, misc. tools 4. pyrex dishes, mondo sized aluminum foil roll.

Capegirl--Hi! Thank you! There is nothing on the back wall of those cabs. It must be the water glass giving a shimmery look. What idea did I give you? To put something on the back wall of the cabs? I wish I could help!

Madeline--No specific tiles in the running yet. I've posted some of my ideas before....they're expensive. :( Walnut is holding up fine, for wood. I've gotten scratches and some dents from dropping things on it. I love the finish of the Osmo. The woodworker who made it was here the other day so he brought his sander and sanded it down really quickly and put another coat of osmo on. It took about 10 minutes and all the scratches were gone! Love the ability to do that!

Couldn't resist posting one of my fav new items. Knife block!!

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Lorlor--I appreciate you telling me! I just love those pulls too! ;) The pulls are the Aubrey from Restoration Hardware in polished nickel. The pulls is available in 4 sizes--3.5", 4", 6" and 8". I didn't use the 3.5" size. The majority I used are 6" and 8". I'll link the pull info below.

Pondlily--Tonight, the only close-up pic I have of the hood is from the factory. I can take a closer pic of it installed tomorrow if you'd like. This pic is from my flickr account, which has another pic of the hood from another angle. Just click the photo and it'll take you there. Thanks for the compliments!

I purchased it directly from Rangecraft as a custom unit that was returned. It was on their website's clearance page. I got a great deal on it, but it was still a budget stretcher!

Here is a link that might be useful: RH Aubrey pull

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Thanks so much for the measurements on your pull sizes - I am now a woman posessed with achieving a similar balance with my pulls, seeing how well you have done it. I like the RH Aubrey, but I'm going for something in a slightly more "colonial" vein. I will have to start my own first official post and perhaps I can garner some opinions from all of you.

P.S. I am positively drooling over your spice drawer! I have a 36" top drawer next to my range reserved to do something very similar, just haven't found the perfect container.

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Breezygirl, the Aubrey pulls are perfect and so are the style of the drawers and cabinets that I adore! The BM Simply White goes so well with your gorgeous honed Marble counters. That walnut counter on your island is to die for since it is so beautiful! I love all the windows, all the lights and so many drawers and not that many cabinets since I am so petite and can't reach them anyway. I love your floors. I love your spice drawer and all your organizers in your other drawers. I love your range hood! I love your kitties. When one more of my Furkidz (little toy dogs) passes (my Skeeter died on 12-30 and I have been grieving so much so that is how I missed this post), I want to rescue some kitty cats.

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Oh, puhlease... My house is no showcase, so no explanations/apologies necessary for the condition of yours... it looks great!

Thanks for showing the built-ins... I LOVE them.

Did you get your spice containers from Bargreens?

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Glad I found this post, Breezy....I have been waiting to see these photos and so happy for you it has come together. The layout is wonderful. I can see you hosting large crowds with this workspace.

Visually, I really like how you pulled the dining room cabinets and the kitchen all together. I too like the quiet minimal backsplash. (Maybe that's why I didn't like those self backsplashes before, the proportions were all wrong.) The windows are great and so needed for a home in the Pacific NW.

The marble is lovely and the island the right counterpoint. Hope you enjoyed mussing the counters up rolling out cookies with your little ones.

Speaking of which, now that Christmas is over, I bought some Star Wars cookie cutters on sale at Williams & Sonoma. Sounded more fun than looking for a backsplash and a dining light. You are inspiring me to post some photos too...

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Beautiful kitchen!!!! Love all of it. Can you tell me the formula for the oak floor stain? I know you gave the colors but do you know the percentage of each? Also, what color are you going to paint the walls in your beautiful kitchen?

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I received a new cherry cabinet the other day (TV/Audio). The finish is creamy smooth.

But that WALNUT!!! It just makes me want to... well, this is a family blog...;-)


1. how is the pantry door working out with that fridge? I know you had major concerns about it.
2. did you happen to put a small fridge on that side with the drinks? My mom uses one and it is nice to not have to go around to the main fridge for cold drinks/mixers.
3. how high is that hood from the cook top?
4. is that the same fireplace that was just a box and 2x4's a few months ago?
5. What brand of knives are those? I should know, but...

    Bookmark   January 18, 2012 at 7:00PM
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Lorlor--Have you checked out Specialty Bottle? See the link below. You might find a style that works for your use. I'll see if I can find your post.

Lynn--I'm so sorry to hear about your Skeeter. The pain is devastating when we lose a furry family member. I lost my sweet, black Archie kitty in July, and I still cry at night missing him when we would have been hanging out at my feet waiting for me to go to bed so he could lay with me. They leave a hole in your heart when they're gone. I hope you're taking good care of yourself during this time. Rescuing kitties is fun, but I hope it takes you a long time to get there. Thank you for the compliments. Glad you're back.

Rhome--I love the built-ins, too! I just couldn't see those ends next to the actual fp box be drywalled up, useless forever.

The spice tins are from Specialty Bottle. They have several different kinds. The lids on mine aren't screw on, but they hold really tightly so no worries.

Colorfast--Thank you! We did have a great time making a mess rolling holiday cookies! It's a blessing to have so much space and all those windows in our gray climate. Please, please post some pics! I would love to see them!

Menmsmom--Thanks! The stain on the floor is 75% Jacobean and 25% Coffee Brown (similar to Black Walnut). As far as the walls go, there won't be much drywall showing once the eurosplash goes on covering the rangetop wall from ceiling to counter and from side to side. The little drywall above the cleanup sink window, around the pantry door, and wall end abutting fridge panel will be painted the same color as my cabs and trim (BM Simply White) in hopes of making those areas blend in rather than stand out. I could conceivably paint above the cleanup sink window the same as the family room (BM Nimbus), which joins on that same wall depending on the tile I use.

Weedmeister--ROTFLMAO!! Thanks for the laugh and kind words! Answers:

1. Pantry door has a hinge limiter on so it would be very hard to swing into the fridge. If anything, the door would hit the freezer handle before any potential door knob would. Still looking for the right knob.

2. No drinks fridge. I needed the storage, and we don't drink much on a daily basis but milk and water. I sure thought about it though...

3. The hood is 30.5" from the counter, 29.5" from the rangetop surface, and a little less than that from the rangetop grates. It seems like it could go a little higher, but I wanted it to line up with the top of the ovens. Plus, getting a hood with only a 600cfm blower venting monster BTUs, I thought that having the hood a little lower might help with suckage.

4. Yes, that's the same fireplace that looked like this a few months ago.

5. My knives are a mix of brands. My fav is my Shun Santoku. Also in the mix are Dexter, Wustof, Mercer, Connoisseur, and Chef. DH works for a restaurant supply co so brings home samples all the time. I wouldn't give up my Shun for anything.

Here is a link that might be useful: Specialty Bottle

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Your kitchen is gorgeous. I have been following along as you worked through the hard work of putting your kitchen together piece by piece. It is a work of art. I come back her again and again to look at each pic. Nice work!! congrats...

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Hi Breezy. I hardly ever post but read every single day. Just wanted to say your kitchen is beautiful. I absolutly love your walnut island, that is one piece of art.You have given me a lot of things to think about . I need to get me a knife thing to store my knifes .Do you thing I can find them on line. Im in europe, also love your spice jars. Love what you did with your fireplace. Will you be tiling it or? Again thanks for the photos, I also have been waiting for your finished look. Love your kitty�s.
Best regards
Svava in Iceland

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Wow thanks for the detailed answer on your 4-stack drawers breezygirl. I loved the peek inside. I'm particularly agog with total drooling envy at your spice drawer. Amazing!! Enjoy your beautiful new kitchen.

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Breezy, thank you for your kind words about my Skeeter. He was 6.4 lbs when he died and only 12.75 years old. His father is still alive at age 15 but the breeder told me his mother died at age 14.5. He kept fainting for two weeks and I was not able to revive him. He had been on Phenobarbital for about 6 years for his seizures. I miss him so much that I keep crying and I can't believe he is gone when I finally fixed his skin problem. Sassy, his 10 year old Maltese sister misses him so much but surprisingly, Panda (turned 9 on 10-02- a small sized black and white Shih Tzu who I save by fixing her eyes so she would not go blind when she was three) misses him and keeps looking for him and would not eat the next day when he was gone. Lexi whimpered for a few days and she has a very bad heart and is not doing well at age 6.75 years. I found out she had the two holes in her heart when she was 8 months but I chose to keep her and she is on specially compounded medicine. That is why I feel she may go next. Really only my Sassy is healthy. I keep remembering how I used to kiss his little head and I wish I did not leave him alone for around 5 minutes and carried him to his little bed where he would have been safe and I could have tried another vet to adjust the dose of Phenobarbital. My friends keep telling me it was his time. I am so sorry that you are still hurting from the loss of your kitty cat, Archie. My little "Furkidz" became the family I had needed so badly and it hurts like I just lost a child. It seems that you feel the same way with your loss. Thanks for caring. I am in love with your kitchen. I was going to post about his loss but the pain has been so great. I was crying at the car dealership again when I was waiting for my right side mirror to be repaired. I called two friends to talk to tell them how painful the grief was. He loved me so much and I can't believe he is gone.

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I would die for your walnut topped island. It's beautiful. In Addition, the marble counter tops are stunning. It looks like you have storage for everything. Great way to store the cookbooks. Where the cookbooks where going to go is one thing that I didn't think through.

I can't wait to see the finishing touches! Your not nearly done kitchen puts some finished kitchens to shame.

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Breezy - Aubrey pulls are on my short list. Can you tell me if you are happy with them? Can you share what size pulls you put on what size drawer/cabinet? Thank you in advance!

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Breezy, so beautiful!! I love everything as we seem to have similar tastes and a lot of my kitchen palette will be of similar colors. I, too, will join the crowd in running my fingers over those gorgeous runnels!! Love that you stuck with your gut and went with the Aubrey... how put together do they look! I will have a 600CFM hood, too, and am happy to see it at ~30" above rangetop -- looks perfect!! Congratulations on getting this far!

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Stunning kitchen! Every detail shows the love and hard work you put into it! Enjoy it now!

    Bookmark   January 22, 2012 at 8:40PM
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Hi Breezy, I keep coming back to your kitchen -- it is so beautiful.
Excuse me if you already answered this question:
how thick is the wood on your island?

I ask because I'm considering getting a 1 3/4 in thick wood island top next go around.
My current 1 and 1/2 inch walnut top feels a bit wimpy.
Yours looks just right!

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I love the combination of walnut and Carrara,
you'll enjoy this kitchen so much! your careful planning shows. The shallow drawers and spice containers with blue tape are wonderful, you really can't improve on that! Cats in DW are best of all. I have a terrier prewash cycle, though.

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Your Kitchen and home is just beautiful!! Can you tell me what type floors you have and the finish.

    Bookmark   January 30, 2012 at 8:22AM
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Love the kitchen! Where in pnw are up?

    Bookmark   February 2, 2012 at 12:26AM
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Greenhousems--You make me blush. Thanks!

Ice1 (Svava)--Thank you for posting! I'm not sure how shipping works, but my knife drawer insert can be purchased from and many other online stores. I would think you could get one shipped from somewhere. As for the fireplace, yes I will be tiling it. I'm some time away from choosing tile for that though. Need a backsplash first! I plan to tile up to a few inches above the actual fireplace insert and put mantels on both sides, with just paint above.

Lynn--Your sadness pierced me again. I hope you are able to keep leaning on your friends for support like that.

MileHighDiva--I hadn't given much thought to the cookbooks in the beginning either, but I knew I couldn't waste that space by drywalling over the short ends of the fireplace walls. Then I had a eureka moment! ;) Thanks!

Amy--I'm a complete slacker!! I know you asked me for the pull sizes some time ago. Apologies. When I ordered the pulls, I wasn't completely sure which sizes I'd use for which drawers/cabs so I ordered a couple dozen extra of all the sizes. When they arrived, I walked through the room holding up various pull sizes on cabs until I found what looked right. I was aiming for the Golden Mean, but fell of the wagon in a couple of spots where what should look right didn't.

30" wide stacks and wider have 8" pulls
18-24" stacks have 6" pulls
17" drawers have 4" pulls

Cabs (very few)
all pulls are horizontal on cabs
11" doors have 4" pulls
15" doors have 6" pulls
glass cabs will have some sort of knob when I get around to looking ;)

I am very happy with the Aubrey pulls. I love the delicately slim, but very solid handle and how square the escutcheons are. As I mentioned before, the screws are NOT decorative. They mount from the front, just how they look. I didn't think about that being a possible long-term strength issue until someone on the forum mentioned it. My cab maker looked at the screws before mounting them and said they would be fine. My drawer and door fronts are very thick and made of solid wood so maybe that makes a difference.

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Dragonfly--I really did try to find other pulls I liked as well as the Aubrey. Just couldn't! Thank you for the kind words.


Francoise--The walnut is just shy of 1.5" thick. Interesting that it looked thicker to you, but is the same as yours...

Lynn--Terrier prewash?! I would love to see that! Thank you for the kind words.

Jean61--My floors are 3" white oak stained with a Jacobean and Coffee Black/Dark Walnut mix (75%-25%). They are finished with Bona.

Pdxkit--I'm up the road from you in Washington. Thank you!

    Bookmark   February 2, 2012 at 3:12AM
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Breezy- Your kitchen looks gorgeous! I saw on another post that your island has Osmo Polyx Oil on it. How has your experience been? I plan to do a wood island. I don't want to cut on it but I also love the look of it without a furniture finish on it.
I have a Boos walnut cutting board and they treat it with their Boos cream which can be alternated with their oil. I love the look, but wonder how it would hold up. I bought some samples of products to try on an unfinished walnut board from Craft Art. Satin Waterlox and also the Salad Bowl Finish from Rockler's Woodworking.
Just wanted to get more info on what you used : ) Thanks!

    Bookmark   February 2, 2012 at 7:41AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Breezy - Thank you for the sizes! I like that you ordered different sizes and walked through with them. That might be the ticket! Can't wait to see the rest of your decisions as you make them. Regards.

    Bookmark   February 2, 2012 at 11:02AM
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Oh, and do you cut or plan to cut on your island?

    Bookmark   February 2, 2012 at 3:42PM
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Wow, your kitchen is captivating! I've spent waaaay too much time looking at, sighing at, and analyzing your pics. Something confused me, though, and after a few rounds with google, I discovered that it's called an "air switch" and is for turning on the GD. WOW!! I want that! (I want lots of things in your kitchen, but this one might be a possibility.) On the few that I found for sale, the finish looks cheap. Yours does not. Will you share where you got yours?

    Bookmark   February 2, 2012 at 9:33PM
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I keep coming back to look at your lovely kitchen.

    Bookmark   February 4, 2012 at 7:33PM
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Breezygirl, I had to come back and look at your kitchen. Thank you for your kind words about my Skeeter. I miss him so much. After my tax season, I will revisit my kitchen and my cabinets. I just adore your cabinet style and how great it looks with your marble counters and so many windows and light. Again, I love your pulls so much and feel they are perfect for your kitchen. Your cats are adorable. Skeeter loved cats.

    Bookmark   February 4, 2012 at 10:50PM
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Your kitchen is Beautiful!!! I am sure you will have only enjoyment from all your hard work and planning! It is perfect, thanks so much for sharing. (So glad I saw it)

    Bookmark   February 4, 2012 at 11:50PM
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Breezygirl, I can't stop looking at your kitchen! It's gorgeous! Congratulations! It gives me hope for mine...

"My floors are 3" white oak stained with a Jacobean and Coffee Black/Dark Walnut mix. They are finished with Bona."

Did you install and finish the floors yourself? Can you tell me more about them please? They are beautiful!

    Bookmark   February 5, 2012 at 10:06AM
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Breezy - stunning! Can't wait as we are t-3 weeks to demolition.
If you have a chance - take a look at our plans on GW - creative name "our kitchen"
It won't be as stunning as yours - but I am sure an improvement.
Your cats are in love with the new space - but they think you did the remodel just for them!

    Bookmark   February 5, 2012 at 3:25PM
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2Littlefishies--I've never seen a Waterloxed product so I don't have anything to compare my Osmo to, but I love how the Osmo looks. It doesn't look like it has any sort of coating on it. The soft, warm glow of the wood is all you see. I have had a couple of scratches and do have some dents from dropping heavy things on it. My woodworker came one day to look at some other projects at the house, and he kindly brought his sander with him. In about 15 minutes, he had sanded down the island top and recoated it with Osmo. Done! Scratches gone. The Osmo is very easy to apply, and you can only do a small section if necessary without working the whole counter.

I have a large walnut Boos board also (to match the walnut top). My old Boos was maple, and I only occasionally schmeared the Boos cream on it. I abused the heck out of that board daily for over 17 years and it still looked good. I'm trying to care for my new walnut board a bit more, but not sure how well I'll do in the long run. It's only a cutting board. :)

I never planned to cut on the island. That's one of the first questions my woodworker asked me. If I had, he would have probably recommended doing the top a little differently. I don't mind the kitchen looking used, but don't want to beat it up intentionally.

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natebear zone 10B

I'm sorry but I stopped focusing on your kitchen pictures when I saw the pictures of your cats. LOL Oh.My.Goodness. They are too precious! : )

    Bookmark   February 7, 2012 at 12:21AM
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Fouramblues--I appreciate your kind words. I love the fancy little air switches! I'm not sure of the brand as my electrician bought them. I've looked for the little box they came in, but can't seem to find it. I do know that they weren't anything expensive at all (probably from HD) and that it came with four different finishes (polished chrome, brushed chrome, white, and ORB) so you could choose. I remember the brushed chrome looked cheap, but I think my polished chrome looks great. If I find the box, I'll let you know.

Boxer--You, my dear, are too kind. :-)

Lynn--I often think about you and Skeeter when I miss my Archie. Hugs to you.

Ilene 84--Thanks!

Mpmg--Thanks for the compliments. The floor was installed by a local wood flooring company. I chose white oak because I didn't want any red or yellow undertones. The 3" boards seemed to fit my house and I didn't want the huge upcharge to the wider boards that I really liked. They installed the boards unfinished. When it came time to stain them, I brought some pics to the house of floors I liked from the forum along with some of the stain colors I knew folks here had used. The flooring guys laid out some stains straight out of the can and also mixed up samples of the stain colors I wanted to see.

We adjusted the colors until I found THE ONE, which was a mix of two stain colors--Jacobean and Coffee Black. (Coffee Black is almost the same color as Dark Walnut in a more common brand.) It was mixed as a ratio of 75% Jac and 25% CB.

After the staining it looked like this.

The next day it was finished with two coats of a water-based product from Bona. No swedish finish or anything toxic. We had moved out for the reno anyway so didn't have to breathe it in, but it wasn't as bad as I imagined.

In this pic, the second coat of Bona is being applied.

We remodeled the whole house so the wood floor went down all over the main living area--kitchen, DR, family room, living room, mudroom, and front entry. If you click on one of the flooring pics, you'll link to my Flickr account with more pics of the floor and of the construction process. I hope that info was what you wanted. Let me know if it wasn't.

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Wow, wow, wow! Your kitchen is so handsome. Your cats are darling, too.

    Bookmark   February 12, 2012 at 10:55AM
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I've been holding off commenting on your kitchen, figuring I would wait until the formal reveal. Nevertheless, the size of this thread is clear evidence that your kitchen is a slamming "good golly, miss molly!" great-looking kitchen the way it is right now.:-) No need to wait for the finish. And, certainly no need to waste this opportunity to chime in and say what a fine job you've done/are doing. Very nice!

    Bookmark   February 12, 2012 at 3:36PM
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A2gemini--I commented on your thread, although I don't think I was much help. Funny thing about those little cats. The kitchen was done to this point before we adopted them. When we started, we had two other cats. Our orange tabby passed away in July 2010, and sadly, my sweet, black, old Archie died in July. Given the coloring of our new cat family, you'd think we designed the house around them. :) Thank you for the compliments.

Natebear--LOL! They are pretty cute!

Polie--Thanks! :)

Martha--Thank you so much! That's high praise coming from you.

    Bookmark   February 15, 2012 at 2:21PM
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Breezy - your name notwithstanding, how could that kitchen ever get "cold" with those three furry beauties helping inside and out of everything (the kitties, not the family ;) )?! At the very least, the peek warms my heart's cockles: thanks for all the generous glimpses of you and your family. It's your *own* warmth that provides the most rosiness.

Well done!

    Bookmark   February 22, 2012 at 3:48AM
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oh wow breezy - I missed the updates on here w/more pics on your kitchen! I'll have to spend lots of time looking them all over! I saw pics of open drawers! my, how we love looking at those things, don't we? lol! well, I DO! like my looking a yours (and others) will magically make some appear in my kitchen (I wish!).

    Bookmark   February 22, 2012 at 4:50AM
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That is a BEAUTIFUL kitchen!!! I love everything about it. Just Gorgeous!!!

    Bookmark   February 28, 2012 at 9:15AM
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What a tranquil space. The honed marble against the wood sets of its beauty just perfectly! And your pendents... Makes me want to totally redesign my kitchen just to make those work in my kitchen!

Thanks for sharing.

    Bookmark   February 28, 2012 at 9:46AM
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LOVE your kitchen! LOVE your cats! :)

Quick question: What is the distance between your island and your perimeter cabinets?

    Bookmark   March 13, 2012 at 9:42AM
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Aliris--You are so sweet, my friend! Thanks! And, nice to see you back.

Steph--Isn't it strange how we like to see in other people's drawers? Well, you know what I mean. ;) My drawers are far from final organization. I have a couple more boxes in the garage to unload. Then I'll see what really should go where. I also need some of those cool Lee Valley drawer divider slats to keep things where they need to be.

Mistydatn--Thank you!

Annna--Tranquil. That's an adjective I was aiming for. Nice that it translated through. I appreciate the kind words.

Gulfcoastgirl--Thanks! Happy to answer a question from a fellow "girl". :)

Aisles (counter edge to counter edge):
Fridge itself (not counter) to island is 42.75"
Island to rangewall is 41.5"
Island to cleanup sink is 43.5"

I planned 48" aisles during my months and months of layout decisions for the whole house reno, but needed to tighten them up to accomodate other rooms. (We moved the kitchen within the house somewhat.) Not once have I wished for wider aisles. These seem perfect for us.

Bonus pic! Snapped this one day when I was trying to get some shots of my troublesome rangetop simmer.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2012 at 8:06PM
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Hey there, Breezygirl! I came across your kitchen reveal and am wondering if you have put in that banquette up against the island. I'd love to see what more you've done since your intial photo sharing. In addition, would you be so kind as to provide me with the dimensions of your kitchen (or if you have your whole 1st fl. floorplan, I'd love to see how everything flows!). Thanks, breezy and congrats on a gorgeous remodel!!

    Bookmark   September 23, 2012 at 3:19PM
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Hi Dccurlygirl. I thought I answered your questions only to find that I hadn't. So sorry! Thanks for the kind words.

I'll show you my floor plan. The peninsula and pantry were off by a few inches in the final outcome, but this is more or less what I've got.

I'm embarrassed to tell you that I haven't done much to finish since these pics. As you can see above, I did purchase the counter stools. I don't have a pic, but I did find my cab crystal knobs for the dish hutch and DR booze cab.

DH started the ball rolling on the banquette design at work in early spring, but after my Dad's death, I lost interest. Plus, I know the decision on the fabric will be stressful for me.

One piece of good news this week is that my pendants were hung finally!! My long lost sparky showed up one day and finished up his small jobs he'd left hanging for months. Although I had planned a DIY mercury glass technique, I gave up on that for now because I couldn't find the Krylon paint locally. DH convinced me to hang them as is and then mercury glass them later if I didn't like the glare. I must say that they are beautiful in clear, sparkly glass. While I'm getting used to the glare, I'm not sure I'll keep them clear long-term.

Thanks again for asking about my kitchen! :)

    Bookmark   November 3, 2012 at 8:54PM
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Oops! Forgot to paste in pendants pics!

    Bookmark   November 3, 2012 at 8:57PM
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I just love your kitchen. It looks like you have thought of everything.

I always wondered how people bathed their cats, never thought of the dishwasher. lol

Your kitties are so cute. Love the picture of all three of them asleep in the chair.

    Bookmark   November 4, 2012 at 12:31AM
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How is the walnut island doing? Would love some feedback on it now that you've had it through the year...any problems?

Your kitchen is beautiful!!!

    Bookmark   December 31, 2012 at 6:42PM
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Wow I love this!! I am wondering if there are finished photos out there somewhere?

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 8:20AM
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Breezy, I think this is the first time I have seen this particular thread and again I must say how stunning your kitchen is! Your kitties are also the most adorable little things!

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 12:54PM
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Love your kitchen!!!!!

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 3:47PM
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Nice, very nice! Love your house!

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 5:51PM
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Marti8a--My little DS did wonder what would happen to the cats if we turned on the DW while they were still in there. Yikes. Good thing he's not one that would act on such a horrible thought. Here's a pic I snapped today of one of the babies with their mama. The "baby" Coconut is bigger than her mom now!

Firsthouse--I'm still getting over the shock of you leaving that amazing White Princess kitchen! The walnut counter still makes my heart happy every time I see it, caress it, wipe it down, drool over it, etc. It's holding up like I think a wood counter would. I got a few scratches over the year along with a couple of dents where someone (who me?) dropped a can or the sort. When cleaning up the kitchen after my Dad's memorial service gathering, I found a "smiley" left in the seating overhang. Looks like the impression of a beer bottle bottom. No idea how it got there.

My woodworker owed me a favor so I asked him to come in November to sand down the counter and coat it again with Osmo. All the scratches came out, and the dents and the smiley, while not gone completely, are less visible. (I think of my father smiling every time I see the smiley so it's not too bad.)

Wouldn't you know it, but I got a couple more tiny scratches in the walnut on Thanksgiving. Oh well, I still adore the counter and know I can always have those scratches quickly sanded out again in the future. All my guests rave over the counter, stroke it, and ask what it is. Most folks around here have never seen a new wood counter.

I took a few of pictures today to show you the scratches and dents.

Prep zone with scratches, but they aren't really visible until you get right on top of them.

Closer look

Runnels with dings

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 7:38PM
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Ratrem--Thanks! Unfortunately, the kitchen isn't done. Yes, its been a year since we moved back into the house and I still haven't finished many details. I took this pic today to help me evaluate my old pepper grinder's color. Sadly, its just not orange enough for my space. Too red. You can see the outlets still look like a rat could crawl through at any moment, and I have no backsplash. DH refuses to fix the drywall at the outlets until I have picked a tile. I think he figures the pressure will work. Ha!

The only good thing about living without tile for a year is that I now know I will need something that can handle the grease splatter from the rangetop. The grease spot behind that rear center burner is as bad IRL as it looks here.

Black Chamois, Heidia, and Mononoke1--I appreciate your comments!!

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 7:47PM
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Breezy - I still love your kitchen - now, how do we get you out of the ABB club! I won't ask how you snagged that gorgeous bullseye grease spot!

I was thinking of getting a Boos cart with a wood block top - I have to decide on an oiled model - functional or sealed model - more for looks. Thoughts based on your wood counter

Happy New Year!

    Bookmark   January 1, 2013 at 8:49PM
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Breezy, how many coats of Osmo did he use after he sanded?

I believe I have two very light coats on my counter, and definitely need more. I had to order another quart. It has only been in a month, but I will run over it with a fine sandpaper, I think, because I feel abit of raised grain in spots.



    Bookmark   January 4, 2013 at 8:13AM
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Thanks for the update. I really love your walnut counter but I am worried that I won't be quite as conscientious as you are about them and they might look terrible within a short time. However, it's great to know that even after a year, they are wearing well and that you are still enjoying them. That counter and your whole kitchen are so beautiful!

    Bookmark   January 4, 2013 at 11:21AM
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I love your pulls. Have you had any problems with dirt or gunk getting into the screws? Also, where did you get your knife block for the drawer. Love it all!

    Bookmark   January 4, 2013 at 11:11PM
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A2--How do we get me out of the ABB? I guess I need to suck it up and start making road trips to tile stores again. I know I need help from everyone here also, but have been too afraid to post my own tile thread. My knees are knockin'! :)

The grease bullseye is just a year of cooking. Because my hood is only 600cfms and 24" deep, I try to do all my searing, woking, and other high heat cooking on that back center burner for best HOGS capture. Hey, I cook. It's a kitchen. BUT it does tell me I need a tile behind the rangetop that can handle that kind of abuse.

And I'm not exactly ABB, I still need a pantry door handle, ceiling fixtures, DR chandy, and banquette. I'm starting to feel ashamed that the kitchen has looked almost exactly like this for a year without me finishing much.

Will you be cutting on your Boos cart top? I'm guessing not if you're considering something other than just oil. I love the look and feel of my Osmo. It looks great for months before it needs another coat, although that's even less now that it's been coated a handful of times. I don't think I'd mind the regular maintenance of oil, especially in such a small area, but I'm not sure I could choose oil over Osmo now that I've lived with it for a year. For what will you use the cart?

Nancy--After my woodworker sanded the counter in November, he applied one coat of Osmo Polyx Oil and asked that I apply one more in 24 hours. I have a tiny little can of the Osmo and it's last me through at least 5 coats. I don't use much at one time. For some reason, I didn't know you had an Osmo counter. Nice to have company!

Firsthouse--I don't really think I'm that conscientious about my counter. Unless you have wild hooligans that routinely run through the kitchen beating their chains and numchucks on the counter, I think your counter would look the same as mine after a year. I don't think I do anything special with it.

Alexx--Thanks! I love my pulls, too! Is that wrong to say? :) I have had zero problems with anything getting in the screws or with the fact that the pulls are mounted from the front. The knife block is a Wusthof 14-slot knife organizer. DH brought it home from work (restaurant supply co), but the Wusthof is sold many places, including Amazon.

Hope I answered everyone's questions! Your compliments are so appreciated.


EDIT: I'll add a link to Part 2 of this thread where I answer the question below from Amanda. More pics!

Here is a link that might be useful: PART 2 of this thread!!

This post was edited by breezygirl on Fri, May 10, 13 at 13:24

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I really LOVE your kitchen.
I really like your handles placed horizontally.

Sorry I didn't read through, but did you get any pushback when you said to install the handle os the doors (not drawers) horizontally?

My DH and guy friends think I'm nuts and SO WRONG to do it like that. They said that people will break the handle and/or door since the user will pull out the door instead of swinging it open.
Yes, I showed them your beautiful kitchen and they still don't get it.

Of all my cabinets, only 5 of them are doors; rest are drawers. So I think the door handles should be place horizontally just like my drawers.

How did you handle any pushbacks?
What besides "It-is-my-kitchen-and-I-will-put-the-handles-however-I-want" can I use to gain DH and friends' understanding?

Thank you very much,

p.s. Thank you very much for your supportive posts on my threads. It has been a very long road and it is incredibly helpful to read such wonderful thoughts.

    Bookmark   January 27, 2013 at 10:50AM
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