Kitchen Island Lighting - need layout advice

annab6October 15, 2011

We remodeled the kitchen and it is time to finally get the island lighting done. But having made several lighting mistakes during the remodel project, I am afraid to get this one completely wrong and ruin my new gorgeous kitchen!

Please help!

The island is 8 feet long and asimmetrical.

Here is a rough sketch:

The width ranges from 45" to 51"

There is a prep sink

We have 5" recessed lights in the isles but nothing above the island. Our contractor ran a wire in the ceiling above it but made no openings so we can pretty much choose any configuration.

I am thinking of pendant lights following the curve and one above the sink. However, that may leave the prep area to the right of the sink without much light so I am not sure. People in lighting stores suggested just three pendants along the center ignoring the curve.

What would you guys suggest?

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Your photobucket link isn't working for me. That said though, I was reading that if you need task lighting, find the square footage of that specific area and multiply it by 2.5. So if it's about 8'x4' (averaging 45-51" depth) that's 32sf so you would need 80 watts to fill that space with task lighting. By that theory, two 40 watt pendants would work, or you could do 3 (one over the sink and two others closer to the corners of the island).

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Do you like monorail track light? The flexible kind could be curved to complement your island shape. You could use regular heads over the prep area and hanging pendants over the seating area. Most mini-pendants can be adapted to work with track.

Here is a link that might be useful: an example of a product from a quick google search

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I have a large asymmetrical island that snakes through my kitchen. My cooktop is in it as well as two very large prep areas & a raised bar area that runs the entire length. It is approx 136" x 42" wide (including the raised bar). I have 3 pendants over it. They are halogen 60 watts. They are positioned in the center of the 42 width, so you don't throw a shadow on your work surface when you are working or seated at the bar. They work great for me. It looks good & most importantly, they are dimmable. Opt for a higher wattage light with a bulb that is dimmable. You'll like that feature. As I've aged, I seem to need brighter light to work with, but it's still nice to have the dim feature for mood light. Hope this helps.

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