Tide Vivid powder VS Gain Icy Fresh Fizz with oxi powder

fastonetimeNovember 12, 2012

Hi all. I bought the Gain last week. Heard it was basically Tide with bleach. So I tried it but the scent was light and it didn't clean as well as I'm use tithe results from Tide with bleach. Anyone else tried this Gain and have the same problem? Also I just bought Tide Vivid ( with bleach just the name change) and the gain and tide powders looked the same, but the tide has more of these blue specs in it, see attached photo. Does anyone know what they are. I get better results with this tide ad the scent is stronger. So I'm guessing for the 2 dollars more for tide vs gain, I'll stay with tide. Just thought I'd try the gain because its new. What do you think?

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What do I think? I think Tide is better than Gain. I've used both, and that's been my experience. I really like Tide w/bleach HE powder (now called Tide Vivid), and I also really like Tide HE liquid w/Febreze.

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mara, do you have an opinion about Tide With A Touch of Downy liquid?

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Looks like the Tide Vivid had more bluing (bluing fools the eye on whites and makes them appear whiter).

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Pat, I don't have an opinion about Tide With A Touch of Downy liquid, because I haven't used it. I just can't get used to the idea of having fabric softener in the washer while clothes are being washed. Maybe that's silly; I don't know.

I'm still using the Tide w/bleach HE powder -- haven't bought the new Vivid yet because my favorite warehouse store is still stocking the former brand name. One box lasts so long (at least 6 months), it will be a while before I buy the new Vivid.

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Doubtful there's "real" softener in Tide plus a Touch of Downy. The description doesn't say anything specific about softener ... just that it has ingredients that help provide a slight bit of softness. Looking at the online ingredient list -- surfactants, process aids, fragrance, polymers, enzymes, soil capturers, brighteners, colorant, opacifier -- none are specifically stated as a softening agent.

Comparing the ingredient list of Ultra Downy, the stated softening agent in the Downy is not in the Tide.

Likely the Tide+Downy angle is fragrance marketing.

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Fabric softener and detergent are emenies - so to speak. The only reason why one would add real softener to the wash cycle is to stop oversudsing. These types of detergents probably just try to imitate the softener's scent.

That blue stuff could be blueing but it could also be just more LiquiTint Blue (TM), which is Tide's signature color.


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So does the blu ing do anything? Like the tide, better cleaning performance than the gain. Gain had a very light smell and didn't remove stains from whites as well as the tide did.

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Someone mentioned cost; I always buy Tide on sale and use coupons. I usually buy it at BJ's warehouse store, always with a BJ's coupon (they send out a coupon book each month) and a manufacturer's coupon.

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Fasttime:Bluing just makes whites look whiter. That used to be the thing with Cheer years ago. It had bluing in the powder--well the powder was blue. Foca is blue also. I wonder if that is why it does so well on whites+the phosphates.

Do you not ever use any bluing in the rinse water? I have and have also used it in the wash water.

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Actually now that your saying that, yes I have seen the water look dirty. I thought it was my clothes. Lol. I was like how did they get that dirty. So the blu ing plays tricks on your eyes? Hmm. Now I want to try a detergent with no bluing. What is the cheer powder like, color? Saw a 120 loads at Kroger for 19.99. Wanted to try it.

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Cheer is white now. No bluing. That was years ago when it was blue and part of their advertising in getting whites white. I have never noticed the water with any kind of blue tint to it using Tide w/bleach powder. In fact mine usually has a milky look but then I rarely ever look.
Target had that same size Cheer 2 weeks ago for $14.99. I also saw it at Sams 120 load for $9.99. I couldnt believe that price but this has been 6 weeks ago.

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Alex, as usual, you hit the ole' nail on the head. Thank you. I hope you never stop contributing to this Forum.

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I swear I'm going to buy cheer next time. That is when I run out of my never ending supply of Tide. Lol.

BTW I don't like the Tide pods in the top non HE loader. To me they did better in the FL. Now I've been having to use two Tide Pods and I'm tuning out now twice as fast and clothes don't smell clean.

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