Questions about Sodium Percarbonate, STTP and Oxy Bleaches

covingtoncatNovember 6, 2010

Why use Oxy-blend bleaches when access to pure Sodium Percarbonate is readily available? Is there something added to OxyBoost or Ecover that makes it work better or is better for your fabrics?

Also how does STPP fit in to the mix? Is it only helpful when you have hard water ( I don't)? Does it boost detergent performance when you have relatively soft water?

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Ecover = 100% pure sodium percarbonate, no other additives

Don't know about OxyBoost. I have a water softener and can tell you that STPP in my wash makes no difference in cleaning. If anything, it makes the clothing more difficult to rinse.

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If you use too much STPP in your wash, it creates a lot of suds and that can be hard to rinse out.

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Thanks for the clarification. So no STPP for me. And yes to either generic Sodium Perborate or Ecover/OxyBoost.

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NOT sodium perborate - that is different than sodium percarbonate. Just clarifying :)

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Whoops! Yes, sorry. I meant Sodium Percarbonate. Having issues today. Thanks.

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