what dimmer for unilume UCL

flazoomOctober 8, 2013

I am installing unilume UCL in my kitchen reno and need to find a compatible dimmer to use. 3 19inch unilume lights will be installed under 3 separate cabinets.
Since the fixtures are inline LED do I need a special dimmer?

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Elv dimmer

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Thank you.
While looking for a applicable switch I got myself a bit confused. We are going to use a 'legrand adorne' dimmer and the options I found are model ADPD453LM2 (paddle dimmer) and model ADTP703TUM4. the confusion is that on the legrand website part number ADPD453LM2 is for a 450W CFL/LED dimmer. The same part number on the HD or Lowes and many other websites shows a 700W ELV-LED-CFL dimmer.
What is the difference between CFL/LED and ELV/CFL/LED and will either work?

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Fluorescent dimmers are typically step dimmers.

You'd probably need to try out the dimmer.

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Here is the current TechLighting Unilume compatibility chart:

TechLighting UniLume Dimmer Compatibility Chart

Note they have only printed test results with Lutron and Levitron dimmers.

On the bottom of this page, they suggest derating the wattage ratings of incandescent dimmers by 90% and of ELV dimmers by 30%.

Compatibility isn't just about dimmer switch and brand of light, it is also about the load.

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