Meeting this Friday! Need advice

Karen15October 9, 2013

I have attached a picture of our master bathroom. This room is giving me a little trouble, but I want to be prepared before we have our meeting. Basically you walk in (pocket door) and there's a 72in double sink vanity on the right and a double linen closet next to that. Across from the vanity is a walk in shower with glass on one side. We will have a regular shower head on the entry side and a rainfall showerhead on the opposite end. Next to the shower on the other side of wall is the toilet. I'd like a recessed light in the shower in the center. Then do wall sconces (bars) on the sides of the mirrors (I think there's only room for 3). I'd also like a recessed light over the toilet area. Here's where I'm not sure. I've seen exhaust fans that have a light in them, so I'm thinking if we put that in the center we kill two birds in one stone by creating more light in the bathroom but also having a fan in it as well. Do we need recessed lights near vanity or will the sconces be bright enough (on a dimmer)? Or we can add two more recessed lights (one near closet and one near entry) and get a fan that has no light? I would like a switch for the recessed, a switch for the sconces and one for the fan/light. Although I don't think I want the fan to turn on every time. Any advice would be very helpful :) Thank you.

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I think a main question is..can you turn on an exhaust fan light without the fan coming on?

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Yes it is possible for bath fans with separate circuits for the light and fan.

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By code if you don't have a window in your bathroom the light and fan must turn on at the same time.

If you can separate them, my advice is this:
1 recessed over toilet area,
1 recessed in shower,
1 recessed over bath vanity area.

Be sure you have enough light with the toilet area to light the closet. My LED 6" from TCPi has a nice spread; similar to Cree CR6.

The fan/lights are noisier and less efficient than standalone units (I recommend Panasonic, not available at HD/Lowes). We just completed our Master Bath, and I installed 3 sconces, one 6" can over the walking area by vanity, one 4" can in walk in shower, and one 6" can in water closet (its closed off w/door). Two panasonic fans at 0.3 sones, are very quiet and work well.


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