Is your Bosch/Electrolux FL gentle w little wrinkling?

kris680November 14, 2010

I think I'm narrowing my washer/dryer search to either a 4.4cu ft Bosch (probably 500 series, maybe 800) or the Electrolux (IQ Touch).

Besides the obvious (ability to clean well), I really want a machine that can be gentle when it needs to (not stretching out shirt arms & necklines, etc). And, I'm looking for pair that won't leave things overly wrinkled (I'm not looking for sheets that look like they've been ironed but I at least want them to look like they're not made of crinkle fabric). Does your Bosch/Electrolux fit the bill??

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kris680, we have not met, but do I have your permission to be direct, even blunt?

No law of nature, and no law of humankind, requires that a washer/dryer pair "match."

Bosch (and its sister brand Siemens) makes some of the best consumer-level dryers in the marketplace. The "matching" washers are good, but not great, certainly better than average. But Miele and Samsung make better washers, with less vibration and noise, and which are gentler on fabrics.

If we were forced to have same-brand washers and dryers, we would choose on the basis of the washers. But we need not limit our dryer choice according to the washer that we choose.

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You make a good point, though rightly or wrongly that's not how the majority of Americans shop (and if they do go w/different models it's often still the same brand - probably driven by the desire for simplified warranty issues and pure esthetics). My hope is to find one brand that both washes and drys well (excluding Miele as it's cost prohibitive). I know there isn't the perfect set, but If I can find one that cleans well, doesn't stretch out or tear clothing, and produces minimal wrinkles - I'll be happy:)

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kris680, Just as a matter of law, the warranty on the washer and the warranty on the dryer are separate contracts, and one does not influence the other in any way. I understand your point that there are many people who have bought into the "washer and dryer must match" myth. Were we purchasing a washer and a dryer today, with an eye to gentleness, but looking also to bang for the buck, our choices would be the Samsung WF328AAW washer with the Bosch Vision 500 DLX dryer.

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Kris680- I just posted on your washer question. I bought the Bosch Nexxt dryer about a year after I bought the washer, once my old dryer finally died. I do like that they match, but I also like the machine. As far as wrinkling, it does a really good job. Just the morning I pulled some sheets out that I did 2 days ago, and have been sitting in the dryer for all that time. I put them on the bed and they had minimal wrinkling. Of course they are higher thread count than my cheaper sheets that I bought specifically for the color, that wrinkle quite a bit. But overall, my clothes come out quite well.

You just can't use dryer sheets with the Bosch according to my appliance guy, because over time there is buildup from the sheets that blocks the sensor of the machine, stopping it from working as well. Since he told me that, I just use liquid softener, and have had absolutely no problem. I love these machines!

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This is just my personal opinion but I think people who say that you shouldnt use dryer sheets are wrong. I used dryer sheets in sensor dryers for 25 years and never had a lick of problem. Maybe if you feel that the sensor could be affected you could clean it once in a while but I never had to do that.
We did however use liquid softner combined with liquid detergent and cold water for about 4 years and had the worst mold issues we ever had. I spent half a day cleaning that machine out.
Just food for thought.
We went back to dryer sheets and once again, no problems ever.

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I think Dryer Sheets are probably fine in most dryers. They are the biggest NO NO in a Miele though. They get stuck during the drying cycle, next to the front of the glass...the air intake holes/filter. Since clothes do not really touch this area during tumbling, the dryer sheet can sit there a long time, restricting or even almost stopping airflow. The dryer thinks the filter is horribly clogged & the machine will shut down to avoid overheating and/or a fire.

Better bet is using a Bounce dryer bar. I've used it in my last 2 Miele W48xx dryers...and NOT one issue. Although the Miele dryer does not run as hot, it's gentler than a lot of dryers, so a Bounce bar at like 6 months of still almost full. It smells great though, no buildup and NO static!

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larsi_gw kind of caused the builup up yourself. Cold water washes do not allow the natural oils from our skin, lotions, creams, perfumes that reside in our clothing to properly dissolve, and these oils get stuck in the washer. Also, since most liquid detergents are petroleum based, cold or cool water washes do not allow the detergents to break down to their best ability. I personally wash EVERYTHING in Warm (105F), Very Warm (120F) or Hot (140F). I also 1-2x a month run a Sanitary cycle (160F) just for maintenance. I even wash very expensive Tommy Bahama 100% silk shirts on Warm (105F) and NO problems. The shirts are between 2-3 years old, and look brand new. shirts come out amazing if dried in the dryer on Gentle/Delicates. Soft, wrinkle free and the texture is the best.

So buildup is not usually caused by Fabric Softener (in fact most machines recommended it). It's Cold water washes that are evil!!

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Yes I am well aware that the combination of those things caused the buildup, not just the liquid softner as I stated. But my experience is that liguid softner may have contributed to the problem and the dryer sheets havent in any way been a problem.

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and all those cold water washes will can lead to mold and mildew in ANY washer, some just hide it better than others. A lady I work with has a FL, and she had the midew issue. I asked her if she has a santitary cycle and if she uses it? Not really was her response. My question to her was, well why did spend the money for that high end washer..she didnt admit or deny to washing in mainly cold doesnt clean SXXX even with tide cold water detergent, that has been proven various times.

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