Is Miele quiet enough for top floor?

alizacfNovember 30, 2011

I am considering the Miele IntelliQ 100 washer and drier . My new laundry room will be located on the upper floor near the bedrooms. I would like a machine that is quiet , cleans well and is durable. My current machine is a 28 year old Maytag which still works. The sales lady in the store I visited told me with the exception of the Miele, most machines are not built to last more than 7 years. I find this statistic quite appalling, this is progress? In any case I am willing to pay more for a machine that will last.(acc. to the salesperson you can get 20 yrs. out of a Miele). Does anyone have this machine? Is it quiet? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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All front loaders are very quiet during the wash cycle, but during the spin, they emit noise no matter what brand it is. Check out a few youtube video and see if you can tolerate it. Also during the spin cycle, vibration can be felt though out some home due to weak flooring so take that into consideration and if your Maytag is in the basement, keep it and have the best of both worlds!

Good luck on your purchase.

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@alizacf, do you have the opportunity to "beef up" the floor in the new laundry room? It would be a good idea.

I have the W4842/T9822 - virtually identical to the new IntelliQ with a few minor differences.

Mine are located in my basement laundry so I have no issues at all (tile over concrete floor). I have a friend who has hers in a top floor laundry room and she has no issues either. However, they are custom home builders and they beef up the floors in the laundry rooms.

This is what is in Miele's manual re: installation:

"Installation site
For best performance front loading washers should be installed on the ground floor or basement of the building.

A concrete or reinforced floor is the most suitable surface for the washer. These floors are less prone to vibration during the spin cycle. If the installation must be on a wooden joist floor:
- the corner of a room where the stability of the floor is at its greatest is the best place to install the washer.
- the machine must be levelled and securely positioned.
- to avoid vibration while spinning, the machine should not be installed on soft floor coverings.
- Install the unit on a 1 1/4" (32 mm) thick, 28" x 31" (71x78 cm) wide plywood base. Ideally the base should be large enough to span several joists and should be anchored to the joists and not just the floor boards."

Having the display on the the 200 is a nice feature. I went with the W4842 for that reason. It�s nice to see how long the program(s) you are selecting will take.

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Thank you for the helpful info., I will speak to my contracter about reinforcing the flooring, but if that gets too costly will have to reconsider Miele, and maybe go with something else.Have read some posts which say Electrolux very quiet , any views?

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@alizacf, the Miele is an exceptional machine. I don't think it should be a huge cost to beef the floor up as they state (especially if you are already building/renovating).

When I was researching machines last year, I ruled out Electrolux very early. The controls seem cheap feeling to me and the "push to open" doors would make me crazy.

I know there are people who love the Electrolux but I'm not one of them. They also rank very low on Consumer Reports vs. other brands/models.

See this post from a regular here who switched back to Miele after buying an Electrolux. Might help give you some insight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Excited/Embarassed/Surprised....I returned to Miele

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I bought for my parents a second hand 4800 which is the first generation of large Miele washers. It is installed on the second floor of a town house.

The noisiest part of the machine is the drain pump and the rattling during spinning of an imbalanced load.

Since this was the first generation, I hear that most issues were corrected with the later generations.

As mentioned above the machine has to be very level or it will shake the whole house.

If you have the chance to reinforce the floor underneath it, it would be advisable.

Regarding washing and durability it is in the top brands.

Once in a while Miele will offer a promo for 1000$ off a laundry set or free 10year extended warranty. Unfortunately, it won't be until next September from what I have heard that good deals will be available. So if you're looking for the best bang for the buck you can wait for a promotion.

The other option if you are not too far from Brampton, Ontario is to go have a look at the Miele factory clearance store; they have once in a while the large capacity machines at a 30-35% discount.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Unboxed

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Mihai, can you confirm that Miele is offering the $1,000 off the laundry pair in Sept? They have the free 10yr warranty on now till the end of Mar, but I'd rather have the discount. Thanks.

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hawk59, unfortunately I can't guarantee 100% that the 1000$ rebate will be applied. Given all the recent posts here about the machines giving issues as they age, I would rather take the extended 10 year warranty over the 1000$ off. It seems that service calls get expensive quickly.

After a while of ownership of the first generation of big capacity Miele washer, I have mixed feelings about them. They are in my opinion definitely not as solidly built as the compact machines.

I really hope these issues were corrected with the second and now third generation since the price premium is so high.

The more I think of it, the more I am inclined to say that the company should offer a standard 10 year warranty if they really stand behind their product...

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