should i cancel my order of my fl washer --)warning long post!!!

ncageNovember 22, 2010

OK where do I start . My washer broke yesterday. It was pretty minor. The top part of the agitator would not rotate but the bottom part would. This is the second time it has broke in maybe 7 years. First time it was the water pump. I called my local appliance repair place today and they fixed it but for some reason I put got a wild hair and started researching new washer/dryer front loading. Currently have a pretty basic top loading whirlpool set that is about 7 years old. To be honest the only really annoying thing about the set I have is the dryer doesn�t have a buzzer but the washer does.

Of Course I know there are some bad to front loaders. Some people report mold/mildew buildup. They seem to be a little more complex and with complexity comes increase likelihood of repairs. They use less soap but you have to buy more expensive soap. So maybe you break even there? Don�t even know if the HE type of detergents will be hard to find at normal stores like walmart since I never used it. You can�t just throw clothes in there while its running that you want.

Ok so what is my point of this post? I want to make sure I�m not throwing my money down the drain.

So anyways after much research (Sears reviews, best buy reviews, lowes reviews, consumer reports, google) I decided to go with these set that seems to be a very good price for a front loading set. I opted not to get one with a steam feature. From what I can tell it�s a gimmick feature to sell more washer/dryers.

When the appliance repair person was here I asked him what brands to go with. He said Samsung 1st and LG a close 2nd. So I stayed with Samsung. The unit I was selected above wasn�t the top unit selected by consumer reports but then again its like � the price. It�s still rated as a good for cleaning performance.

Anyways after much research there is still some questions I haven�t got answered:

1. They say that FL are easier on clothes than top loading. The question is how much easier? Will this make a huge difference in how fast your clothes wear out? Will it make a difference in fading?

2. How much will a unit like this really save you in energy. Is it going to take you 15 years to recoup the price difference? I understand the green part of using less water but its probably going to save that much on my water bill. The question is how much will a FL save you on your electric bill. Yes I know they use less energy to run but then again a cycle runs a lot longer.

3. Clothes are a lot dryer so it takes less drying time so I�m curious if this will make a big difference at all.

4. The sales person says you can fit a lot more clothes in a FL than you can in a top loader. The question is how much more. She told me 1.5 loads. Can it be true? If so it would be great.

The other thing I have been thinking about is do I really need the matching set? Would it be better of just buying the washer and not the dryer? I mean yes they won�t match but who cares right? They are located in a closet in the bathroom. Its not like I�m going to be showing off my washer/dryer. What do you guys think? Yes its annoying that my dryer doesn�t have a buzzer but is it $500 annoying�.probably not. Course It does have a "wrinkle prevent" feature and it actually works it would be awesome. How many of us get busy with something else and forget the dryer? Thoughts? Also its slightly larger. 7.3 compared to 7 of my current dryer. If I can actually fit 1.5 loads in the washer maybe I will need the slightly bigger washer?

There goes it. What do you guys think Any opinion would be MUCH appreciated. I have until the 28th to decide (delivery date).

Extra Info: I do about 4 loads a week.

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If your current washer has been repaired and is working, why replace it now? You've already invested in the repair, I'd suggest continuing to use the machine until it develops another problem.

Payback on energy/water savings depends on individual usage characteristics and local utility costs. Payback time at average of four loads per week likely will be longer than you expect, unless your utility costs are very high.

Keep in mind that just because a frontloader (or any washer for that matter) has an exceptionally large capacity doesn't mean all your laundry should be bundled together so as to always run the largest load possible. Sorting according to color, soil level, fabric type, and special care items is still important, and even moreso with the newer HE-type low-water and high-spin-speed machines that are less forgiving at mismatching the cycle selection and load type.

The wrinkle-prevent (or wrinkle guard, finish guard, wrinkle free, etc.) feature on dryers sometimes lead to misunderstanding of what exactly it does. It's intended for situations in which no one is present to immediately unload the dryer when a cycle ends. What it does is instead of the machine shutting off and sitting there with the clothes crumpled in the drum, it runs an unheated tumble for an additional period of time (either intermittently or continuously) to keep the items moving and fluffed-up. If you normally unload immediately when the cycle ends, the wrinkle-prevent function won't really do much for you.

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ncage wrote, "The other thing I have been thinking about is do I really need the matching set? Would it be better of just buying the washer and not the dryer? I mean yes they won't match but who cares right? They are located in a closet in the bathroom. Its not like I'm going to be showing off my washer/dryer. What do you guys think?"

I think you are on to something. You are right. If your current dryer works fine, and your washer needs replacing, replace the washer, not the washer and the dryer.

(While I think you are on the right track with Samsumg washers, in your position, I probably would be looking at the '328 model rather than the '220 model. Just my opinion.)

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You asked, "do my washer and dryer have to match?" Of course NOT. I'm confused as to why you would think so. If you a have a working dryer, why are you replacing it? Because you don't have a buzz at the end of the cycle? For Pete's sake, if its that big of a deal buy a cheapo kitchen/oven timer and carry it around with you or whatever.

Also if you just paid to have your washer repaired and its working, why are you investing more money to replace a working unit? No offense, but I just don't get it.

Don't buy in to the sales person's hype about extra capacity. You can't stuff it to the brim and expect it to clean properly. Your clothes need to tumble about to get clean and not totally wrinkled, in my experience anyway.

I guess we're in NEED vs. WANT mode here. I drool over the latest and greatest, but as long as what I have is getting the job done, its staying.

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Wow you guys are getting a little harsh :P. Yes my washer was fixed and it was cheap (less than $100). Probably the two biggest reasons i was looking was for doing bedding and hopefully being a lot easier on clothes (don't know how much easier on clothes it actually is). To a lesser extent the energy savings would be nice. Yes if i get anything it will be just the washer and not the dryer. IT would be nice to have a matching set but not worth the money. Yes a little bit of a want and not a NEED. Thats why i posted the message here. Maybe i should just go back and get my money back before they delivery huh?

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Also ... just to say ... fixing your agitator (assuming that's the only thing that was wrong) is an easy DIY job and the part can be had online for less than $3.00 (well, plus shipping), or less than $15 if you needed a complete kit including cam & thrust bearing.

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Sometimes it's the small stuff that makes a difference. When I changed out my aging pair I was surprised how much difference the small things made to doing laundry. If money's not tight I say treat yourself - your keeping the dryer so no need to beat yourself up for a little splurge.

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