Fluorescent Undercabinet Light -- Warm Tone

tj_shopperOctober 1, 2009

I have fluorescent undercabinet lights -- they are T5. I don't like the light that it produces. It's very white -- almost a bluish white. Is there a lightbulb that I can buy that will cast a warmer tone? Thanks.

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Take he bulb out and look at the K number on it. It should be labeled T5, 18W 6500K or 65K or similar.

For a warmer light output, get a lower K factor, something around 3000K to 4500K. I'm thinking you have either 5K or 65K lamp.

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I just checked and it said 4100K. I guess it's not as white as it could be considering there are ones higher in number. Where do you suggest I go to find the lower K factor? Will the big box stores have them? Thanks for your help!

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For warm light, look for 2700 to 3000 K bulbs. They are sometimes labeled as "warm white" or even "kitchen and bath". You should be able to get them at almost any big box store. 4100K bulbs are the horrible "office" white. Anything above that looks too blue. Food looks the best under warmer lighting which is why restaurants use them.

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I agree. My lights look horrible. I have warm Venetian Gold granite and a very pretty tumbled marble backsplash. Everytime I open my undercabinet lights, I feel like I'm in the hospital -- not good!

Thanks, I will go and check out the stores this weekend. I just needed to know what to look for. I hate going to these big stores and wander aimlessly down the aisles.

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Hey TJ,

Be sure to post back and let us know how you make out. One other thing to look for on bulbs it the CRI rating (Color Rendering Index). This is a measurement of how accurate colors look under a bulb. The higher the CRI, the better. Some of the newer tube fluorescent bulbs have a rating of 92 which is very good.

Those 4100K "office" bulbs are usually rated in the low 80s or even lower.

Good luck!

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I went to three big box stores today (Home Depot, Lowes and Menards). All three stores have just one type of T5 bulbs and they are 3000K or more. The CRI rating was in the low 50's. How disappointing! They had more selection for the T8 bulbs. I was tempted to buy the 3000K bulb but each store didn't have enough. I didn't want to play the scavenger hunt thing where I would go to all the stores and piecemeal them. I'd rather buy all of them at the same store and the same make -- some were Phillips and others were Sylvania. They range about $6 per 12 inch bulb.

Does anyone know of a good website where I can order them on-line? Thanks! I was hoping I had better news to report.

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