Cree CR6-800L LED

wobbly1905October 4, 2012

Our kitchen is approximately 13 x 15. The ceiling has just been removed, and we need to install wiring for the new lights before the ceiling is replaced.

Using the recommended 35 lumens per square foot gives around 6800 lumens total. This would require 12 CR6-575 lumen LEDs or nine of the CR6-800L.

Would using more 575 lumen lights have any advantages over fewer 800 lumen lights?


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With LED, you are going to want to overdesign a bit, if you plan to be there for many years. The quoted lifetime is that when 1/2 of the fixtures will be down to 70% of their initial output; some will be more, some less. I personally wouldn't want to be under-illuminated, or having to replace a working light just because it has lost a bit of its brightness.

Will you have under-cabinet lighting also?

I'm putting six CR6-800L units on a dimmer over my 4'x7' island, and one 800L over my sink, maybe on a dimmer. Otherwise I am using the 575L units for the kitchen.

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We're using Costco's Ancona swivel under-cabinet LEDs under all wall cabinets. Probably also use a 800 lumen LED recessed above the sink and another above our small island. HD has the 575s for $25 again, so I'll probably use those.

Good point about the degradation of output.

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Where are you where the HD Ecosmart/Cree 575s are $25? Still $35 in my parts for the 6", $43 for the 4".

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HD has had the Edison base 6 inch in San Jose and around for $25. The GU24 base ones are few and disappearing, still at $40.

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Why is everything so expensive where I live?

It's ridiculous - the local power company subsidizes some CFLs but no LEDs.

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