Anyone have a W/D in master closet? How about a laundry drop?

momto3kiddosNovember 16, 2011

We are working on floor plans now and because the main laundry is so far from the master (it is near the kids rooms - where a lot of laundry will be generated for the next 20 years :), I am considering a stackable w/d in the master closet. Should I be concerned about moisture or lint/dust? What else should I be thinking about?

I am also looking at putting a "pass-through hamper thing along the hall that will open into the laundry room on the other side. If anyone has done this, I would love to see pics to figure out how to make this work! Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Our laundry room seems to generate a lot of lint or dust. My concern would be all that lint/dust getting all over clean clothing that hangs in the closet.
Would your closet have a floor drain?
If a hose should burst will it spray all the garments in the closet?
You can see I'm not a fan of the concept....

I am a fan of laundry chutes, though, when the W/D are downstairs from the bedrooms. We don't have on, or need one, but that seems very practical.

Even more practical is a dumb waiter, if you can afford it. They are wired electrically to raise and lower the dirty and clean stuff, as well as anything else, including the kids. LOL.

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