Need tips on reducing wrinkles with bravos washer

enjoyinglife365November 7, 2010

I just bought the Maytag bravos MVWB850W (don't buy this machine!!) The clothes come out very wrinkled among many other issues. My initial thought is that this is maytag's way getting you to buy a new dryer, but I just read a post of someone with the matching dryer who is having the same problem. Obviously, the problem is not my dryer. (It has worked great for the past 23 years with my old washer, and with the new junk that is out there, I hope it lasts forever.)

Now that we have that out of the way, what tips are there to prevent the wrinkle problem caused by the new washer?

Please help, otherwise, my next step will be to try to get maytag or the dealer to take this back. I do not iron. I will not iron. I never have ironed and will not start now.

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The place you bought it from doesnt have a return policy? Exchange?

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No returns once out of the box. I never had a problem with any appliance before, so I didn't even imagine that I would be unhappy with it. The thought never crossed my mind to make sure they have a return policy.

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This is what I do (and have always done, regardless of washer) to get rid of wrinkles:

~ Don't overload the washer

~ Rinse with cold water

~ Use Woolite or Tide Total Care for our best clothes

~ Use fabric softener (except in towels) -- I use half-and-half FS and white vinegar in the FS dispenser

~ Shake clothes out before putting them in the dryer

~ Get clothes out of the dryer when the load finishes (not later), and immediately fold or hang up

I haven't had to iron clothes in many years. Hope this helps.

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You could try reducing your spin speed too.


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There is a learning curve with any HE machine. Washing like fabrics together will help to reduce wrinkles. I never spin any loading at a lower speed than 1200 rpm, no wrinkles, unless I do not shake my clothes out before I put them in the dryer, or I am drying a too large of a load. never let a dried load sit In the dryer.

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Thanks for the tips. Still looking for more. I have not tried reducing my spin speed yet. I will try that today. One selling point the salesman used to get me to buy the more expensive B850 machine was the faster spin speed. LOL I am also wondering if a particular washer setting will be less wrinkly.
I won't use fabric softners or dryer sheets. They are not healthy per the kid's doctors.
Boy all this work. With my old machine, I stuffed the clothes down in the washer. When I took them out I grabbed a big bunch and just threw them in the dryer. Maytag spoiled me all those years and now they can't compete with their own product. Now I have to load each item individually in both the washer and dryer and even shake them when putting them in the dryer. That helps a little with the thin clothes (still not completely wrinkle free but close enough), but not the thick clothes like pants and jeans. Those are still coming out very wrinkled.

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Even when I had a Toploader, I shook my clothes out before going into the dryer. Why? because they wrnkled less and dried faster. I didnt know fabric softener was bad for kids?? WOW I sure survived it in my childhood life. Whats up with that? Enjoyinglife, do you wash thick fabrics with thin ones in the same load?

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I don't know if you can reduce the spin speed on the Bravos, but the delicate cycle spins more gently and might help with your wrinkling problem. (Former owner of a Kenmore Oasis & Maytag Bravos. Currently using and loving a Speed Queen.)

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Doesn't your machine have a cycle that uses more water than usual? If so, I would try that for the "wrinkly loads". Also a slow spin would help.

Isn't your machine the model with the heater built in? I know you are having trouble with the water temp also.

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My Bravos washer is the B850 model. I bought it so I could have true hot water. I do use the highest spin speed when I wash jeans and other sturdy clothes (I use it for virtually everything except delicates and our office/dressy clothes), and they come out of the dryer very smooth.

I agree with Gates1 that it is best to wash similar fabrics together, too.

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Also -- one factor I haven't seen mentioned here, which I should have included in my list:

Dryer temp is key to preventing wrinkles in clothes. I use medium heat for sturdy clothes like jeans and cotton T-shirts, low heat for all other clothes.

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I can use med high heat on jeans, but on cotton tshirts or pullovers, med or low heat. I learn that the hard way once, and do not need it taught to me again...No high heat on a T Shirt, it will wrinkle to no end

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I have the Bravos 850. Use the bulky or delicate cycles for more water in the load. Add some water before starting the load (I dump about 1 gallon in the washer, fools the machine into thinking you have a full load and it adds more water). Don't use max extract on anything but towels and jeans.

Take items out and individually shake them before putting in dryer. I cannot fathom how people think they can get away with skipping this step. How can anyone think they can put a wad of clothes in the dryer and they will magically come out unwrinkled? That's just dumb...

Don't dry clothing all the way, take items out, hang on hangers, let them air dry to finish. I NEVER iron and have been caring for my clothes this way for years (except the step of adding water to fool the washer). When I got my Bravos I studied the manual carefully to learn about the different cycles. I learned about using the bulky and delicates cycles on this forum.

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In addition to not overloading the washer, don't overload the dryer. You don't say what dryer you have and it could be the dryer is too small for the loads you're putting in it. I had that trouble with my last dryer. It was too small to match a full load from my washer. After sizing loads correctly, no more wrinkle issues. The other tips apply too. There's a lot of things that contribute to wrinkles, many of which are pilot error.

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