SuperBright LEDs and warranty issues

newcastlemomOctober 29, 2010

Anyone using Superbright LED's for your undercabs? Ours are being installed this week, thanks to the product and vendor tips from this forum.

But my electrican called me last night because he discovered that the warranty will be voided if he uses another vendor's transformer, as he had planned. Anyone else have this issue?

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Maybe I'm naive, but I wonder how the manufacturers are going to know what brand of transformer you used.

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Good point. But the only thing is where you buy it from will know that you didn't get the transformer from them- of course that's only true if they saved your name with the order.

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We just installed 50 feet of dimmable LED light strips (tape, ribbon)under and above our kitchen cabinets. The light strips are not from the same company that supplied the driver/transformers. Who'd ever know? Obviously, they both have to be either 12- or 24-volt. Beyond that, I can't
imagine any compatibility issues that might be involved.

We achieved "super-brightness" by simply doubling up on
the strips themselves, ie. mounting two of them edge-to-edge rather than only one. That way, they cast a smooth, warm (2700 Kelvin) glow over the four feet of wallspace between our cabinet tops and the ceiling. Total cost of the light strips and driver/transformers was $450.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone.

I think SuperBright would know we weren't using their transformer because they have a record of every order I've placed, and those that have been placed by our electrician for our project.

We decided to get their transformer cause it's going to keep the warrenty intact AND it's less than the transformer my electrician already purchased for the job. Superbright was good enough to extend their "30 days" return window. This is taking a little longer than first planned and we have to allow time for cross country shipping.

For anyone else considering Superbright LEDluxbars, their prices are quite good and they are dimmable, unlike some competitors. You DON't have to buy their ugly industrial looking dimmers. The customer service rep didn't know about this but their tech support guy told us this morning which one we can buy locally that will allow me to have a clean looking wall switch comparable to all my other lighting switches. That's a relief.

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