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seawind23November 30, 2011

Just talked to appliance repairman re which brand of washer to purchase.

These are his comments:

Don't buy an HE period. There is not enough water to get clothes clean or enough to rinse all detergent out of clothes.

They are also very hard on clothes because the clothes are cleaned by rubbing against each other and the drum, both of which can cause damage to the clothing. With non HE washers the water cushions the clothing bc the clothes are able to float freely during the cycles. Also there is ample water to rinse the detergent out of the clothes.

He believes the water savings do not merit the damage to one's clothes.

Also, when asked about repair history on HE washers TL he states LG, Samsung parts are very hard to get in less than 3 weeks. He said Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, etc. parts are easily obtainable which means quick repair time.

I have new WP Cabrio TL for 3 weeks and it has damaged 3 tops due to washing system even though washed on delicate cycle.

Thinking of returning and buying traditional Speed Queen set with 3 year warranty on parts and labor and 5 year on motor.

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This post is like deja vu.

FWIW, unless I knew your repair man and had a good understanding of his experience, his opinion is not very valuable to me.

I would disagree with your repair man. I own the Miele W4842 and it is very gentle on items. I have washed dry clean only items in my machine with beautiful results. Even cashmere and wool items come out wonderful.

I would agree that HE TL machines (for the most part) are rougher on items. The way in which those machines must move the laundry is not gentle.

It is a fact that FL machines (for the most part) clean better and rinse better than TL or HE TL.

You couldn't give me a traditional TL machine. I've been using FL for over 11 years with 2 small children and my laundry is perfectly clean. I have OCD and wouldn't accept it any less than near perfect :)

The good news is that is doesn't really matter. We can all buy what makes us happy. Good luck with your new machine.

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Well your repair guy is delusional.

I don't think there is any difference between the cleaning ability of the best FL Vs the best HE TL.
and as far as "delicates" there is no difference either as long as you use the proper cycle on the HE TL.

Our HE TL uses plenty of water and have the option to add more if we feel the need.

I wouldn't go back a regular TL at this point because I have used HE TL for about 8 years now with zero problems, clean great.
Some people love FL, some prefer TL.
The only difference I see between the two is that FL are more prone to certain problems.

BUT when it comes down to it it really doesn't matter at all as long as you get what works for YOU.
In fact out of the almost 40 years I have been doing laundry 32 years of it was in a regular on TL and up until 8 years ago had never bought a new washer, just picked one up used for about $50 and never had a single problem with any of them for 32 years. Cleaned all my clothes just fine, never broke down, never destroyed any clothes.
So obviously a standard TL should work just fine also.

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I almost didnt comment on this post, but decided too anyway. I had a FL for 10 years. I still got the clothes from 10 years ago that have been washed over and over in it and no damage to them. Ive had A conventional top loader and within 1.5-2 years the clothes looked like rags. Fo the last 10 months Ive had a LG HE TL, Im still washing my 10 yr old clothes in it and of course new clothes too, still no damage. Fron loaders wash and rinse very well and so does my LG HE TL. Believe what you want, as I dont beleive your repair man, and i got to proof to back me up

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I used agitator TL's for my whole life until 3 years ago, when I switched to an FL (got an LG first, then replaced it with a Miele because of water temperature issues). Would never want to go back to an agitator TL. Their cleaning ability is a joke compared to a good FL.

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I agree with you, GATES1. I have had a front loading washer for the past 30 years. First, I purchased a Westinghouse front load back in May, 1985. Never had a problem with it being too rough on clothes nor with rinsing. Then in May 1999 when I moved to my new home, I purchased a Maytag Neptune front loader. 12 and 1/2 years later, it is still performing flawlessly. No repairs, clean clothes and clear rinsing. And.... I still have clothes that I had 20 years ago. I am completely satisfied with front loading, HE washers. BTW I have used front loading washers since the 60s. One particular front-loader I had for awhile was the Sears LADY KENMORE COMBO machine. It performed flawlessly! Miss that Lady!

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I also would never go back to a TL.
If anything, I think the FL are more gentle.
I wash my husband's wool slacks, unlined wool jackets and they come out beautifully.
My jeans cycle leaves my jeans totally wrinkle free.
And the very best thing is the hand wash cycle. I hate hand washing.
I think our clothes are holding up better because I have the appropriate cycle for the type of fabric I'm washing .
In the old fashioned top loader, you have pretty much one cycle that you use for everything

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One thing about front loaders, they are very forgiving when washing items that should not be washed together like
black cotton socks in a white load of towels or a polyester shirt with whites by accident (without bleach of course). No dye transfer or linting on the sock or polyester gym shirt after being dried. If this was done in a top loader, linting and dye transfer would be a major issue!

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Cleanteamofny: I have often made the mistake of washing a black sock with a load of white towels with bleach in the water in my frontloader. No problem with either the sock nor the towels.

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I am another happy user of FL washers. I've had front loading washers (several, due to moves and upgrades) for the last 13 years and would never go back to a traditional TL. One caveat though is that I would not recommend buying a FL washer that does not have an internal heater.

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OP, I also cannot agree with your appliance repairman. My experience does not back it up. I own a Maytag Bravos HE TL, and it has not given me any problems at all. It is gentle on delicates and handwashables, doesn't damage anything else, gets everything very clean. I especially appreciate its internal water heater which provides true hot water for washing white cottons.

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