Island light pendants balanced with rest of kitchen?

missgranOctober 14, 2010

Come to find out the island will not be centered in front of the range as I wished due to square footage constraints. I guess I am a little finicky on the balance of the whole picture. One wall will have the 36" range and the island with the sink and DW will directly in front of it but it will be offset a little due the the cabinets on the other side. The pendants will not be squared in front of the range visual. They will all be offside to the left. Does anyone have pitures of islands not square with the range and hood. I am afraid of looking at it head on and seeing the lopsideisness (sp)of it. Should I go with one big fixture, small ones that will not obscure or should I stay with my bell jar fixtures which I have my heart on...

Help Please.

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Can you post a layout?

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No they are putting in the cabs as we speak. The electrician is here also so there is a flurry of activity. Basically I thought the island would be more centered with the range, sink directly opposite but it is more offset.

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I really can't visualize the room. The only thought that comes to mind is to add more lights and spread them out. That should even out the visual impact and provide even lighting. Your description makes me think there will be underlit areas otherwise.

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Can you use track lighting and affix several small lights to it? The lights can rotate 360 degrees so you can point them to where you need the light. Then you won't actually have anything hanging down, so the off-center aspect of it may not bother you as much. Just an idea. They have some cool track lighting.

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