does a 4" led retrofit can that is ic rated exist?

steph2000October 13, 2013

I would love to be able to use 4" recessed cans for my kitchen remodel, but the electrician I am consulting with locally told me not to hold my breath. He isn't sure such a thing exists.

Does anyone know of such a product? And if not, why not? They would be exceedingly popular...

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H455RiCAt120D iCAt rated, Remodel

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Nb - if you're not subject to title 24 type laws, you could use the above.

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Thanks, davidtay.

Just to make this more complicated, after seeing a friend's lighting in the same subdivision (with short ceilings, ranch homes), I am now sold on lights that aren't recessed into the cans. It seems to effectively wipe out the swiss cheese ceiling look as you don't have those holes.

The electrician in town was able to show me some options for this, both all-in-one and using cans that are adjustable so you can push the bulb up. However, those options are for 6" cans.

I've seen my friend's lighting so I KNOW this exists somewhere. But, the electrician was concerned that they might not have been IC tested/rated.

I'll go check out your suggestions now, but please do let me know if you have additional thoughts with these new specifications. I am in over my head...

Thanks so much!

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You can get trim kits with a lens that is completely flush (or somewhat recessed, or also slightly convex) if that's the look you want. Most of these take standard non-flood (A19) light bulbs; some are LED modules that don't need a separate trim kit.

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Thanks, Lee.

I am having a terrible time up here. I'm dealing with ALL of the electrical supply folks here and running into dead end after dead end. It doesn't help that this is all greek to me and I don't really understand it all.

Apparently, Juno is used a lot up here and they don't make a 4" retrofit can. We don't have existing cans and there is insulation in the ceiling so we really have to have retrofit that is IC rated. So, that's problem #1.

A couple of other brands MIGHT have a 4" LED that can be special ordered, but they tell me it is not possible to get trim kits or cans that are adjustable with those options. So, the bulbs will be recessed into the cans. Which is not a good look on short ceilings (89 1/2") in a small home...

I really don't get why this is so hard. It doesn't feel like I am asking for something that difficult. AND my neighbor down the street has exactly what I want - that's how I came up with it. So, that leaves me totally befuddled. I need to try to figure out how to find out what brand she used - and I'm not seeing how to do that.

I can't believe how difficult this is proving to be. So far, a ton of effort - zero results...

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Okay, so just an update and a clarification.

I'm not able to find anyone who can find me anything that matches what my neighbor has for her 4" LED's with an adjustable housing so the bulbs are flush with the ceiling, minimizing the swiss cheese look.

However, one of the places in town that I have consulted with on this is suggesting I go with these - Lithonia 4" LED Gimbal. They have a nice seamless look, though we wouldn't be using them for the directional lighting. I just want to avoid the darn holes on my 89" ceilings. We would need IC rated retrofit cans to go with them and would probably do 5 in the kitchen (along the perimeter edges and in front of the fridge) and use something else on the peninsula (pendants). We might put 1-2 in the short hallway we have nearby, as well.

Do you think this would work? Are there other ideas that fit all of our criteria:
1 - 4"
2 - adjustable housing or flat with the ceiling somehow (no holes)
3 - IC rated
4 - retrofit

Here is a link that might be useful: Lithonia 4

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Would 3" work?

Here is a link that might be useful: 3

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I have no idea, lightguybc. Would the 3" work? Is that a better option than the 4" I posted?

I am truly in over my head here - and open to recommendations and education.

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If you're trying to get away from larger holes, t should work for what you're looking for. They will have less of a visual impact than 4" fixtures.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 ICAT can

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