Bathroom light switch: timer or sensor?

mlrprincetonOctober 29, 2013

Hi, this is my first message and it's maybe not the most critical question in the whole world but.. My husband has a near 100% success rate in leaving the bathroom light on. When he's the last one in there in the morning, it stays on all day wasting money and energy. So... sensor light or timer in the bathroom? People who, um, stay seated in one position for a while complain that sensor lights have shut off on them, leaving them flapping their arms in the dark to get the light back on. But timer lights are annoying too. What would you do if you lived with a light leaver-on?

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I'd use CFL or LED bulbs for the main lighting and then not worry about it.

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A good sensor switch could be the answer, for example

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The Lutron vacancy switches have programmable off time. i.e., time to go off after the most recent motion detected. IIRC, it is 1 minute minimum, up to 30 minutes. When it goes of (or goes to half brightness in the case of a dimmer), you have 30 seconds to wave your hand and it will go back on.

I had intended to set mine for 10 minute timeout. However, I just discovered that the motion detector doesn't work through shower glass, so I'm going to put it up to 30 minutes.

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