Fisher Paykel or Whirlpool?

dancingsamsNovember 22, 2010

I need a new washer/dryer. We love the top load, and the Fisher & Paykel has the top load dryer that my husband loves. I used to love it until the first major service. It has not worked right since. What do you all think?

I can go electric or propane. I don't care about too many bells & whistles, but I really want reliable, that cleans and dries well.


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First, I have to say that I find it humorous when people post about wanting a washer or dryer that cleans or dries well, doesn't wrinkle, is reliable, etc. ... as if anyone would want machines that *don't* have such characteristics. :-)

You want (or need?) new machines and are considering F&P or Whirlpool ... although you already have an F&P topload dryer (your washer is what brand/model?) with which you aren't happy?

What was serviced on the dryer, and what about it isn't working properly now? What problems is your current washer having?

I'm sure you're aware that gas dryers are intended for natural gas and the burner typically must be adjusted for propane. Be sure your installer/servicer is aware to make the adjustment.

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Guess I should have been more specific. We are almost finished building a new home. Our old F&P matched set is staying in the old home, where our ongoing business is located. I need a new set for the new house. The house is 45 minutes from town, and service people tend to only be available once every week or two, so reliability is essential.

I was VERY happy with the F&P dryer until the filter broke, causing the machine to overheat. The service tech was not very good, and the machine now takes longer to dry than previously.

Yes - cleaning ability and drying efficiency are important! There are machines out there that really are not good at what they are supposed to do.

Most of the folks on this forum are wonderful and very helpful. I really hope a few of you are able to help me with this. The salespeople keep pushing the Whirlpool and my husband wants the F&P. I don't want hassles. Any thoughts?

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Also, I am very aware of the need for adjustments for propane use. Our new home runs on 18KW solar, a 15KW propane backup generator and sometimes - when the lines are working, electricity from PG&E. I am being careful that we order the dryer either electric or already set up for propane.

Does anyone know if there is really much difference in today's world between electric & gas/propane?

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Which F&P washer model do you have now? - agitator model (EcoSmart) or AquaSmart HE washplate model? In either case, you have usage experience with them so you know what to expect with another set. There haven't been any substantial changes on them.

Probably it was the lint scraper on your dryer that broke, resulting in the self-scraping filter getting clogged. The filter screen itself can develop small tears if debris such seeds or burrs from yardwork, bits of wood or sawdust from shopwork, etc. get caught between the filter and scraper, which allows lint to pass through and clog the exhaust ducting. I'd suggest checking that the ducting isn't clogged or misaligned and that the filter is OK.

You'd stick with a topload washer if choosing Whirlpool? The Cabrio washplate models are pretty much the same as F&P's AquaSmart (if that's the F&P model you have). Frontloaders of course are different story.

If you're not aware, the F&P electric topload dryer has dual heating elements. One is approx 3.6kW, one is 1.4kW. Both elements are used for high-temp cycles. Only the 3.6kW element is used for medium and low temps (delicate & perm press), and when the drum is running in reverse direction on any setting. So regards to your solar electric, you could keep the wattage draw to a minimum when running the dryer by using only the low- and medium-temp cycles.

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dadoes - Thank you. The F&P is an EcoSmart, about 4-5 years old. The dryer had the heating elements and filters replaced. The filters now don't seem to work well and it does not heat as well either, so it looks like we need a new service person! Do you know if these problems are common, or if it is just me and my long haired dogs?

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All i can see is if you buy a new one i wouldn't go with F&P. IF you look at consumer reports F&P have the worst reliability rating of all washers. I've had a whirlpool set for about 7 years or so. The washer has been repaired twice but both were minor repairs that were less than $100. First was the water pump (which is simple in a washer) and the 2nd was the top of the agitator was not spinning. It was less than $75 to fix.
Best buy has a special for a front loading samsung washer/dryer for $900. Samsung is tops in reliability but thats if you wouldn't mind going with a front loader instead of a top loader. Otherwise i would just go get maybe a basic whirlpool set.

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NCage, I have an F&P washer that's 11 years old and has had no repairs. And another washer with the topload dryer that are 6 years old with no repairs. F&P's washer pump is in fact even easier to change than your Whirlpool's ... no tools or disassembly of the machine is required! Just sayin' ...

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I would go with a Whirlpool, largest market share, low cost parts, easy to repair. I would not go with a Cabrio, instead go with a traditional direct drive. Long lasting service and ease of use.

A dryer can be converted from natural gas to propane for less than $20. It is not too difficult but absolutely essential since the gas pressure difference is huge. The conversion consists of installing a blocking pin in the valve and a new orifice on the burner.

I would go with Whirlpool

Here is a link that might be useful: What Kind of Washing Machine Should I Buy?

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Yes dadoes i'm sure. Because the reliability rating is worse doesn't mean there aren't really good units out there. It just means the likelihood that there will be an issue. I'm sure there are plenty of F&P out there that have no issues at all and are good machines. For example VW cars are one of the worst on reliability ratings but yet i have a friend that has had nothing but good luck with his...but we are talking the "general" reliability you can expect across their different products. One thing to take into account also is reliability might have changed with new models because of the cost cutting of a manufacturer to increase profit margin. I think consumer reports is probably one of the better places to look for current reliability and unfortunately F&P is the worst.

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As I replied in another thread, Whirlpool is in the process of phasing-out the direct-drive toploader and bringing in a new belt-drive mechanism for both agitator toploaders and low- and mid-line HE Cabrio and Bravos models. The high-end Cabrio and Bravos models are still (for now) using F&P SmartDrive design.

Yes, NCage ... Whirlpool borrowed F&P's mechanical design for the Kenmore Oasis, Whirlpool Cabrio, and Maytag Bravos.

CR tends to be questionable IMO. I've seen outright mistakes in their info, for example regarding the features on a particular machine. They also don't track long-term reliability. Last I recall answering one of their annual surveys, appliances older than 5 years are disregarded.

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Back to the dryer --

DancingSam, bringing to your attention that I sent an e-mail to you via GardenWeb's contact form regarding some further details on your F&P dryer situation.

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