Pottery Barn Chandeliers

newcastlemomOctober 16, 2010

Our kitchen rennovation has creeped all the way to the front door; can't have a lovely new kitchen with an ugly dated light in the front entry, can we?

I'm considering either the Camilla or Clarissa chandeliers. Does anyone have either of these? I'm a little concerned about cleaning, since it will be hanging in a two story entry. I went to Pottery Barn last night to see it in person but our store didn't have any lighting like this on display.


What do you think?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Chandeliers

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To each his own, I guess. To me it looks overly fussy and - as you suggested - a real headache to clean. I hope you have a paid cleaning person!

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I like it! Seems very wintery though, so I hope you live in the north.

Gives the entrance a nice whimsical feel. Plus, in regards to davidr's post-it may be a pain to clean--but will hide dust tons better than a standard chandelier. Cobwebs will just blend in!

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I have the 6-arm Camilla and the 3-arm Camilla in our new home. I love them both...the larger is in our master bedroom and the smaller in the entry just outside the bedroom. I agree with flowerchild...it is easier to clean than other chandeliers I have had in our previous home.
LOL, flowerchild...I do live in the north.

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DavidR, I thought it might be too fussy, too, esp from the photo. That would not fit the rest of our decor.

We put in the Camilla this week and it looks stunning. I'm surprised how much I like it. There is a high window over the doorway that you can see when you are walking up to the front door and it's framed in that window.
We live fairly north too, Flower, and we have mostly greenspace around us. It goes with our natural surroundings without being too woodsy.

GMA, how do you clean yours? We wiped down every crystal with optical cloth before it was lifted in place. We have a two story entrance so I sure won't be doing that very often.

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement.

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I clean mine with a lamb's wool duster I have and it seems to work well. I have to get on a little stool as we have 9' ceilings in our bedroom and I'm short so it's not too bad.
(Maybe you could get an extension duster...would that reach yours?)

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A duster is not going to remove the grease that will accumulate on a kitchen chandelier.

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True, brickeyee...but mine is in my bedroom and I thought the poster was putting hers in an entryway..so the duster works very well for me. I imagine every once in awhile I will have to do a deeper clean on it, but it works for getting the dust off regularly.

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