ge washer model gtwn5450dww & ge washers in general!

blondelleNovember 5, 2012

The LGs and Samsung were highly rated but I have a limited depth I can use. We had a Bravo 700XW and it didn't clean well at all. We lost it in a flood and need to replace. The simiar Whirlpool ones weren't well reviewed. This has 5 stars on the GE site, which is a lot more than some of their more expensive models rated there.

I checked out Consumer Reports but a model they rave about now, came in at the bottom of the heap 2 years ago. It was the same model. The highly rated ones have bad reviews from customers.

Do the regular machines clean better than the HE ones? The HE ones don't use enough water and the detergent doesn't seem as effective as the ones with all the suds.

How are the repair ratings on the GE? Any feedback would be appreciated!

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Strange that it removed all the caps in my post title. How odd!

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You know what GE stands for? Good Enough;-) GE is not what it used to be, quality has gone down, parts are expensive, and can take a while to get some parts. That being said and in all fairness it seems that most appliance manufacturers have gone the way of GE as well. What type of machine are you looking for? Frontloader or toploader? What models are you interested in, answer these and then people can help you navigate through all the choices out there. Hope this helps.

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opps, now I see the model number in the post title, the machine you are looking at is an HE toploader that will work similar to the Bravos. If you want the old fashioned agitator machines then you can check out used appliances places, or see if your local appliance dealer has some older stock laying around. I know some of the Euro frontloader machines are smaller and may fit into smaller areas.

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I am considering repairing my FOUR year old GE(model#A13817EMC2430/s/nVL202455T/WHDVH626FWW/made in P.R. China.) profile stacked washer/dryer. My 4 YEAR OLD GE washer which was professionally installed constantly leaks in the front, especailly when washing towels. It also vibrates a lot, and is very noisy, the machine has literally walked. I continuously wipe the front gasket to try to alleviate this problem, however it persists. The washer is on the second floor, which I understand is a stability problem for many washers. I am trying to make a decision to repair or buy new. I tried to contact GE by phone and they were having technical issues and said to call back. I just tried to contact them by email, however the site would not accept an email unless you enabled cookies. I am Frustrated that it is difficult to contact GE to inquire about these issues. I have also researched some stability pads/vibration stands, one is a whole pad for the bottom of the machine, it retails for approx $299.00. I researched the new model Miele, however it is not sold in the states as of yet. I do not want to spend $$$ on a repair or after market products then experience the same problem months from now. The machines (washer and dryer) are located on the top floor and are difficult to move up the stairs, so I am willing to spend more on a machine that will last more than 4 years. If I have to spend what I spent on this GE machine every four years it will be considerably more $$$ than buying the more expensive brand that lasts. I am also concerned about the integrity of my floor since this GE machine leaks so much. I would like to make a decision soon. Any experience with the stability stand or pads?â¦Repair or Ditch the GE? $$$$?

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