What do you do with your cereal liners?

jasdipFebruary 11, 2013

I just put an inner cereal bag/liner in the garbage this morning. I hate throwing them out, and I do have some saved, for when I flatten chicken, etc. Other than that, I don't know what to do with them. They are so thick and sturdy, I'd like to re-purpose them, but for what?

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I don't eat cereal much except for oatmeal which doesn't have a liner. I just wanted to say that I think it's great you're recycling them. Using them to flatten chicken is a great idea. I will keep that in mind when I do have one. You're right, they are strong.

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I've never thought about reusing them. I just toss them. We have enough saved junk without adding more. But it might be a good idea to have 1 or 2 just in case.

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Cereal liners are basically wax paper, so I open them at the seams and use when a cookie/fudge recipe calls for wax paper. I haven't bought wax paper in awhile. I also use them (in original bag form) to store pancakes or muffins in fridge.

I recycle them with plastic bags at the grocery store. As far as I know, they are recyclable. I try to recycle as much as possible.

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I toss them.
We only go through a box or two a year.

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I toss them......I like things neat and my pantry is always a mess and another piece of paper makes it worse...

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Growing up we used bags like that to store leftover food. Now everything comes with so much packaging I just toss it. I physically can not use everything that comes in my door.

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In Canada, they add BHT (a preservitive) to the packaging. I don't like the fact that it's there to begin with, and I don't reuse the liners for anything food related, especially anything with moisture.


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That's a good point, Dances. I too am leery about using much plastic in the kitchen, but there is so MUCH of it in packaging. Unfortunately those liners are not made of waxed paper anymore, more's the pity. My mom used to reuse those all the time.

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I put mine in the recycle bin.

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Shake out all of the residual food (onto a wide dinner plate).

Fold the (old bag?) across the middle, slip it back down into the box.

Stack the box on top of some others (that might get used for something ... some time).

Some boxes are slightly wider than some of the magazines that I get, so I use one to store about a year's worth (or two) of the mags that I'd like to keep.

Boxes that pies came in work, also, but they're square, so the mags stick up from most of them (and collect dust).

When I was using a breadmaker (mine quit - waiting for yard sales, come spring) I sometimes used the bag to store the bread, but more often used the outside bag that had carried three smaller bags holding upwards of a gallon of milk home from the store. The smaller bags slip into a pitcher for easy pouring.

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Throw it in the recycle basket.

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I use plastic/paper bags for trash can liners in the house. The over load I put in a recylce barrrel at the grocery store. Cereal bags, I just toss, I maybe would use them when I shift out the cat box, we use the bags the newspapers come in for that. I like to be thrifty and recylce, but I can only keep so much.

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Recycle. I think they ALL have preservatives in them. Don't need more of that in my life.

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The only thing I have ever used those cereal liners for is, if I happen to have one handy, and I am cleaning vegetables, peeling potatoes, onions, etc., I put those in the bag, close it with a rubber band and put it into my large, black plastic lined trash can, in the garage. It gets picked up twice a week.


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I just throw them away, no recycling here and I don't buy that much boxed cereal a year.


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I just throw them in my garbage. I have pick up twice a week, more than enough. I rarely even have one full can of garbage.

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Here they're not recyclable since they're a food container, like pizza boxes cannot be recycled here. But I don't buy cereal so I don't have the problem.

I guess I might use them as a secondary trash bag for smaller items, meat scraps, etc to keep things cleaner. Possibly put things in them already wrapped to have a second layer for the freezer.

I always get a kick out of the people who won't reuse things. Classic example was when I was at a friends place working on their computers, wife came home from the grocery store. They put away the groceries and then took out the newly purchased box of small trash can liners purchased from the store, opened the box, put a new liner in the waste basket and then put all the plastic bags from their purchases into the "new" bag. Then it was basically full (for them) so they took the bag, dug for a twist tie and took the bag of bags to the garbage. I think I heard a metric scream come from the direction of London Ontario!

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Oh Cynic!! I would cry to see anyone do that!!!
I asked for some plastic grocery bags on Freecycle, and I got a lovely bunch of good, clean, smoke-free bags, that will keep me going for a long time. 4 bags stuffed full.

A good friend of ours buys kitty liners to scoop his litter into, and throws away the blue bag the newspaper comes in, as well as the outer milk bags. Both these get used for my kitty litter, and the milk bag makes a great freezer bags for my homemade bread.

I'll be sure to use my liners for extra bags for garbage scraps as well. I don't like throwing them out. I also like the idea of using them in the freezer, they are certainly heavy enough. I hope the marker will write on it. I'm tired of losing my masking tape off the foil packages. :)

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